11 Best Massaging Office Chairs (2024 Update) | TOP Heated Chair!

Did you know that the usual therapeutic massage session is about $65? Did you know that an ergonomic office chair can get up to $1500?

It’s time to save some money. If you have chronic back pain, as I do, you know how expensive the treatment can get. If you don’t have that, invest in the future of your health.

Massage office chairs help you unwind sore muscles after long hours of sitting, plus they respect the principles of ergonomics to keep you in a correct posture.

I’ve tried and tested all the models below, so I know they all work, but they fit different purposes. Find the best chair for your needs now! Read along.

Best Massage Office Chair Models (List Updated for 2024)

All the office chairs below have functions. But does that mean they’re the same? No! These chairs are as different as can be.

Make sure you choose a model that fits your needs. If ever in doubt, come back to the types of massage chairs best above.

1. Barcalounger Shiatsu Heated Chair Office with Massage

Barcalounger Shiatsu Heated

The Barcalounger Shiatsu Heated chair is easy to operate and helps you relax in comfort thanks to plenty of functions and options, such as:

  • It targets your upper back to decrease shoulder and neck pain and improve your posture
  • It targets your lumbar area to alleviate chronic back hurt
  • It features a deep-tissue massage that is intense enough to work on knots and pressure areas
  • It allows you to adjust the massage intensity by changing the recline level so you can push more weight into the chair
  • It features various automatic massage programs to choose what you need (kneading, spot, Shiatsu)
  • It relaxes and unwinds your muscles thanks to the heated coils
  • It’s safe thanks to its 30-minute auto shut-off

The Barcalounger Chair is padded with layered memory foam on top of coiled springs for optimum support and bounce, from the headrest to the waterfall seat edge that improves circulation.

That way, you will be able to keep the correct posture and minimize the risk of back pain.

This chair is stylish and looks very manly thanks to its brown-bonded leather upholstery, but this type of faux leather isn’t extremely durable.

  • Stylish
  • Height adjustment
  • Supportive contours
  • Good for long hours
  • Reduces backaches
  • Multiple options and adjustments
  • Good vibration
  • Penetrating full-back massage
  • Easy assembly
  • The upper body massaging intensity is not very strong
  • The leather peels off pretty fast
  • Some people complain about feeling the coils through their backs when the massager isn’t in use

Summary: The Barcalounger Shiatsu Heated Executive Office Chair can reduce back hurt and relax you through its comprehensive massage options.


2. HomCom Office Computer Chair

Home Office Computer

The HomCom Computer Chair is in the affordable price range and has a stylish, classic design.

You can even get one in white to add more class to your office space, though there are plenty of other colors to choose from.

This model:

  • Contours your body and allows proper weight distribution because it has an ergo design
  • Improves blood circulation and helps you relax thanks to its combination of therapeutic heat and vibration options
  • Targets your upper and lower back, plus your legs
  • Is easy to operate thanks to the remote control
  • Is made from eco-friendly leather that feels comfortable on your skin
  • Is easy to personalize for tall and short people thanks to its adjustable seat height
  • Affordable
  • Intuitive controller
  • Five massage modes
  • Zonal massage
  • Six nodes
  • Various techniques (kneading, vibration, heat)
  • Oil- and water-resistant
  • Ergo support thanks to padding and design
  • Comfortable as a regular chair
  • BIFMA-certified heavy-duty metal base
  • Durable PU upholstery
  • 250 pounds max weight
  • Not a deep massage
  • The heat option is very weak

Summary: The HomCom is an affordable option for people who want to relax and unwind after sitting long hours at their computers.


3. Relaxzen


The Relaxzen Heated Executive Reclining Chair is an ergo and supportive office chair even when you’re not using the massage function because:

  • It has a supportive headrest
  • The backrest is curved to keep your spine relaxed
  • It features incorporated lumbar support to take the pressure from your lower back
  • The seat padding and waterfall edge improve circulation to your hamstrings and eliminate tailbone hurt
  • The armrests are rounded and padded, so you won’t get elbow pain or crunch your shoulders to your ears
  • You can adjust the tilt and seat height to customize this chair to your needs and body shape for maximum support

The Relaxzen Heated Executive Chair works well as a massager too because:

  • It’s relaxing thanks to the six massage motors
  • It is easy to personalize thanks to its 12 custom settings
  • You can target various areas in your body: upper back, lower back, and thighs
  • It is easy to personalize with five automatic modes and three levels of intensity
  • You can adjust the massage time for 15, 30, and 60 minutes
  • The lumbar heat is gentle, but it unwinds your lumbar muscles and improves the massage quality
  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • PU and PVC leather blend
  • Functional
  • Ergo design
  • Several massage options
  • Three massage zones
  • It is not intense (don’t expect a deep Shiatsu)
  • The heat option is gentle, so it’s not therapeutic heat
  • You will get limited adjustments

Summary: The Relaxzen Heated Executive Chair is a stylish, functional chair, best for lumbar hurt.


4. Broyhill


The Broyhill Massage is made with PU leather, which is elegant and sleek.

The design is ergo with a curved backrest that cradles your spine, a padded seat, and armrests, plus an incorporated headrest for upper body support.

The seat height can be adjusted, so your knees are always at a 90ᵒ angle for enhanced circulation, whether you’re tall or short.

The pneumatic gas lift allows tension adjustment so you can recline to take the pressure off your back, and you can use the lock lever to secure your position.

The Broyhill chair has good options:

  • Six vibrating massage nodes for your upper back, lower back, and hamstrings
  • Lumbar heat for an effective lower back massage
  • Five modes (pulse, wave, press, auto, normal)
  • An intuitive remote with a pocket holder
  • Two levels of intensity (mild and strong)
  • Easy setup
  • 300 pounds max capacity
  • Easy to clean and durable
  • Contouring seatback and seat
  • Padded
  • For long hours
  • Functional vibrating massage
  • Lumbar heat
  • Only two levels of intensity
  • Poor instructions for the remote
  • The high-back model can be uncomfortable for short people

Summary: Broyhill is good for tall people who need a vibrating massaging to unwind and improve circulation.


5. Essentials Heated Shiatsu Office Chair

OFm Chairs

The Essentials Heated Shiatsu Massage Desk Chair is an ergo model because it has a curved backrest that keeps your spine in a natural and relaxed position.

The plush seat offers good support, while the armrests are curved and padded to improve circulation.

The segmented padding for the seatback, headrest, and seat guarantees reliable zonal support for the whole body. The adjustable recline further takes the pressure off your back, allowing you to relax.

It is made with SofThread Leather, which looks elegant and feels smooth.

Massage-wise, this chair offers you a deep-tissue Shiatsu option with heated nodes that feel very lifelike. You will get a kneading and rolling massage for your back to alleviate any chronic or acute back pain.

  • 250 pounds max weight
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Ergo
  • Stylish
  • Quality leather
  • Zonal support
  • Plush seat cushion for long hours
  • Deep-tissue Shiatsu
  • Soothing heat
  • Center tilt and tilt tension controls
  • Meets the ANSI/ BIFMA standards
  • The back pocket for the remote is difficult to reach
  • The heat takes a while to get to the right temperature
  • The Shiatsu massage might not feel intense enough with the cover on
  • No hamstring massage

Summary: The Essentials Heated Shiatsu Chair is ergo, sleek, and offers a good combination of Shiatsu and heat for chronic back pain.


6. BestMassage Ergonomic High Back Office Chair PU Leather


BestMassage is a reputable company in the world of massagers and recliners, and this chair has the same quality level that the company has accustomed people with.

You’ll notice the ergo design that contributes to an enhanced posture and limited backaches even without the massage function.

The headrest supports your neck and upper body to limit strain and muscle tension in this area, while the curved backrest and lumbar keep your spine in a naturally curved position.

The seat is cushioned and cradles your thighs to avoid any tailbone pain, while the waterfall edge doesn’t restrict your circulation. The curved, padded armrests ensure that they won’t dig into your arms or elbows.

The PU leather material is high-quality because it’s resistant and looks well. This leather is also resistant to oil and water. The base is strong and durable because it’s made with a sturdy metal backed by a BIFMA certification.

This BestMassage office chair features two kneading and vibrating automatic massage programs that help you increase your productivity.

These massage modes are suited for people who sit down for long periods and need to unwind and release tension from their achy muscles.

These gaming massage modes target your upper back, lower back, and seat area. The best part is that you can adjust your massage in 15-minute increments.

  • Easy assembly
  • Durable
  • High-grade materials
  • 250-pounds max weight
  • Ergo
  • Kneading and vibration
  • Targeted zonal massage
  • Just two massage programs
  • Only two intensity levels
  • No heat

Summary: The BestMassage is a durable and functional model for people who want a vibration massage to relax.


7. Flash Furniture High Back

Flash Furniture High-Back Office Massage Chair

Just like most of the models I’ve reviewed above, the Flash Furniture High-Back Chair has a contemporary, plush design fit for an executive.

This office chair is ergonomic thanks to its curved backrest, incorporated headrest and built-in lumbar cushion for enhanced weight distribution, minimized back pain, and a correct posture.

The seat is contoured like the backrest and has good padding for prolonged sitting, while the padded armrests support your upper body.

If you have back pain or are sitting for long and want to relax, you can recline back to take the pressure off your back.

The tilt tension is easy to adjust with the side knob, and you can also secure the seat into place with the lock mechanism.

Massage-wise, this Flash Furniture chair is limited to two options: the lumbar and thigh area.

You can turn on and off the vibrations separately, though, which allows you to massage the lower back and thighs independently. You can also set the intensity on two levels, low and high, via an intuitive remote with a side-pocket.

  • Plush
  • Contoured seat back and seat
  • Recline with tilt lock
  • Intuitive remote
  • Easy-to-use seat height mechanism
  • Separate lumbar and thigh massage
  • Limited massage options (no heat)
  • No upper body massage
  • Just two massage intensities

Summary: Courtesy of its contoured seatback, a lumbar cushion, and independent lumbar and thigh massage, the Flash Furniture is best for people with mild lower back pain.


8. Cungon Online High-Back & Executive Ergonomic

Cungon Online Chair

The Cungon Online Chair is ergonomic and comfortable, with a contoured backrest, seat, and headrest for full-body support.

This chair features several ergonomic adjustments, including seat height, flip-up armrests, and back recline to 105ᵒ, which is recommended for people with compressed discs.

The materials it uses are quality because the PU leather upholstery is soft, while the padding is made with thick memory foam that contours and supports your body, with the right amount of cushioning.

The Cungon features six nodes that offer a vibrating massaging to your neck, back, and thighs.

You have a few adjustment options for the massage, such as two intensity levels (low and high), plus five massage modes (pulse, press, wave, auto, and normal).

You can set the timer to 15, 30, and 60 minutes, but remember that the nodes need a little time to warm up properly.

  • 330 pounds max weight
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year free replacement
  • Ergonomic
  • Soft PU leather
  • Flip-up armrests
  • Recline
  • Good back support
  • Good vibration
  • Five modes
  • Zonal massage
  • Three program lengths
  • The heat takes some time to work
  • Just two intensity levels

Summary: The Cungon Online Office is best for heavy people who want fatigue relief during their workday courtesy of a good vibration massage.


9. Comfier Shiatsu (Neck & Back Massager)

Comfier Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

The Comfier Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager is a seat pad you can place on top of your comfortable office chair or home recliner to get a quality, full-body massage.

This pad works for people who need a comprehensive, life-like massage to soothe tired muscles or painful knots.

It’s especially good for people with chronic back pain who want to alleviate muscle fatigue and pain from compressed discs.

The Comfier uses innovative technology, combining 2D and 3D Shiatsu massage nodes that apply various techniques such as finger pressure, air compression, heat, rolling, and vibration.

These techniques have different purposes because finger pressure and air compression work best on stubborn knots, while heat and vibration improve circulation, and the rolling motion relieves muscle tension for top relaxation effects.

The Comfier pad massages your neck and shoulder area with four rotation nodes that move in and out to mimic the movements of a therapist’s hands.

The back massage features an adjustable rolling that fights muscle pain, and you can adjust the distance between the two massage heads that travel on your back.

Choose the SPOT massage function if you want the massager to work on a specific area. The zonal massage allows you to opt for the upper back, lower back, or a full-back massage.

If you choose the full-back massage, you can also turn on the therapeutic heat and two air compression pads for the waist and hips that work on three levels.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Versatile
  • Massage options galore
  • Life-like movements
  • The heat is gentle, not as a heating pad

Summary: The Comfier Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager is a pad for people who want a comprehensive neck and back massage with plenty of options to choose from, but aren’t looking to buy a chair.


10. Nexttechnology 6-Point Vibrating

Massage Office Chair

The Nexttechnology Vibrating Massage Office Chair is in the medium price range.

This chair is elegant and ergonomic with a curved backrest, plush headrest, built-in lumbar cushion, and supportive seat for long hours working.

Ergonomic adjustments include height adjustments and tilt to 125ᵒ. If you have compressed disc pain, lock the recline at around 105ᵒ to further take the pressure from your back.

This recline pairs well with the 6-point massage. The nodes vibrate on your upper back, lumbar area, and hamstrings to provide a relaxing massage.

This vibration works in combination with the soothing heat to further improve circulation and soothe tense muscles.

You can personalize your session by choosing one of the five modes (auto, normal, press, pulse, and wave) and the session duration (15, 30, and 60 minutes).

  • Generous padding
  • Good lumbar support
  • Tilt-adjustable to 125ᵒ
  • 6-point massage
  • Soothing heat
  • Five modes
  • Adjustable massage duration
  • Limited adjustments
  • Not a deep-tissue massage

Summary: The Nexttechnology Vibrating is best for people who want a relaxing massage, who have issues with bad circulation or compressed disc pain.


11. GTRACING Gaming Chair with Footrest for Big and Tall

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Footrest for Big and Tall

GTRACING Gaming Chair has accommodating dimensions and is made with sturdy materials that help it support people up to 350 pounds, like the metal frame and thick padding.

This chair has an ergo design that includes:

  • Adjustable headrest
  • Adjustable lumbar cushion
  • Patented racecar design for prolonged hours
  • Padded seat
  • Retractable footrest
  • Height-adjustable armrests
  • 90-170°reclining and rocking
  • Synchro-tilt to lift the seat when you recline the backrest, so you always get the top support

All these features help you adjust the chair to your needs to support your problem areas and remove the pressure from various parts of your body.

While this chair offers firm support, you can check out the Westwood Heated Massage Gaming Chair for a more cushioning experience.

  • For the big and tall
  • Supports up to 350 pounds
  • Various ergonomic adjustments
  • Rocking chair
  • Easy to relax
  • For long hours
  • Recliner racing-style
  • No massage
  • Plastic base
  • Minor balance issues
  • Some people complain about the firm seat

Summary: While the GTRACING Gaming Chair isn’t a massage gaming chair, it’s a good product for gamers who need an easy-to-customize chair that removes the pressure from various areas of their bodies.


About Serta Massage Office Chair

It may keep you comfy as it throws heated sparks at your feet. Your feet are a little too long for your modern-day mattresses, but they won’t get any comfier with the help of a new massage chair that gives your soles a blazing hot massage. The Serta Metrostaff Extreme will cover your entire body with something that burns nearly 1,000 degrees. The Serta Metrostaff Extreme is capable of dropping a beam of 1,086 degrees Fahrenheit (626 Celsius). It is the world’s only model that can be connected to a smartphone and now it can be controlled by Tesla’s voice assistant. You can control it from afar or do the driving yourself by turning the chair’s heads.

The Serta Metrostaff Extreme will cover your entire body with something that burns nearly 1,000 degrees. You can control it from afar or do the driving yourself by turning the chair’s heads. It has four heat settings that are constant and keep heating the cushion for 10 minutes before a cool-down period. In 2017, it sold more than $4 billion worth of mattresses alone It’s one of the world’s most expensive models with good weight capacity, selling for around $9,000. In 2017, it sold more than $4 billion worth of mattresses alone. Serta is now offering a mattress to go with the chair. It has four heat settings that are constant and keep heating the cushion for 10 minutes before a cool-down period. The Serta Metrostaff Extreme has eight hours of constant heat. It comes with 20 nodes, 19 buttons, and 19 levers. It can be adjusted to people of all body sizes. It’s the first wireless, infotainment system that uses Tesla’s voice assistant. It is compatible with the latest Bluetooth speakers and smartwatches. The Serta Motorized Platform moves the back of the chair forward to meet your knees. It can recline from three positions – firm, medium, and firm.

Can I Sit in a Massage Chair All Day?

You’ve found your ideal massage, but you can’t wait to get your car into the shop or your doctor’s office. Can I sit in a massage chair all day? Yes, because chiropractic visits are not the only times you can receive a massage. Many people have a massage at home, and others use the services of masseuses at spas or a nearby spa.

When you need to travel for medical appointments, make a quick call to your doctor’s office to inquire if they provide massages. Many medical offices don’t, but if you ask, you may be able to get a complimentary massage to work out your muscles or relieve stiffness. Is There a Standard for Massage? Once you become familiar with a massage chair, you may find that some models are much more expensive than others.

What are the Main Types?

Don’t just choose the first massaging office chair you stumble upon. You need a chair that fits your needs! That’s why you should know which types you can pick from.

1. Heat Therapy

These massaging recliners come with heat therapy that unwinds tense muscles and enhances blood flow.

These two issues are frequently associated with sitting down for long hours. Besides, when your blood is circulating well, and your muscles unwind faster, the massage becomes more effective.

Best for: Relaxation and improved circulation

2. Shiatsu

These desk office chairs have an additional Shiatsu, with nodes that target several pressure points located on your neck, upper, and lower back.

Shiatsu massages are recommended for people with chronic back pain, which prolonged sitting can cause.

Best for: chronic backaches

3. Massage Chairs with Footrest

Putting your feet up improves blood circulation because your blood can travel easier to your heart when your feet are up, instead of traveling down to your toes.

Lifting your feet can also improve muscle soreness and pain in the:

  • Calves
  • Lower body
  • Soles

Best for: people with diabetes and poor circulation

4. Massage Executive Chairs

They look stylish; they’re made with high-end materials and offer plenty of ergonomic adjustments on top of the massage features.

As they have high backs, probably with adjustable backrests and headrests, you will get top upper body support.

Best for: people who need good upper body support; people with chronic pain

5. 8-Point Chairs

These models target eight essential pressure points with their full-back body massage, so you can unwind faster, relax, and improve your productivity.

8-Point Massage Office Chairs

This type of massage is very effective because it covers more than your lower back, like most massagers.

Best for: people who sit for long hours; people with chronic backaches

6. Gaming

Gamers know the meaning of sitting down for hours, so they need extra support and cushioning.

They are specifically designed to target the body parts that get sore the most when you’re gaming. You will get instant pressure relief and be able to kill all those bad guys.

Best for: gamers who need an improved posture

7. Vibrating Chairs

Vibration therapy releases tension, improves blood circulation, and nerve function.

Although vibration is not as effective on chronic back hurt as Shiatsu or 8-point massages, it does wonders for overall relaxation and improved concentration.

Best for: people with peripheral neuropathy; relaxation

What to Look For When Buying an Office Chair?

Now that you’ve read all these reviews let’s see the main factors you should take into account before buying an executive massage office chair.

Ergonomics will always be my top factor, but there are also others. Don’t forget to look at the type of chairs again if you want to make sure you’re choosing a good model.

Ergonomic Design

All office chairs should have an ergo design because if you’re sitting down for hours at a time, you need the correct support to maintain a proper posture. Otherwise, you’ll get all sorts of aches and pains.

The main rules of ergonomics state that you need to:

  • Keep the soles of your feet on the floor
  • Make sure there are no gaps between your body and the chair
  • Keep your legs uncrossed to prevent numbness caused by restricted circulation
  • Keep your back straight
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed instead of hunched or lifted to your ears
  • Keep your work straight in front of your eyes, not up or down because that causes neck strain

The office chair you want should offer plenty of adjustments and quality padding so you can find a good position.

These chairs allow correct weight distribution, so they keep your spine and limbs relaxed in a natural alignment with each other.


They should be made with top materials that are durable, flexible, and don’t scratch easily.

MaterialCommonly preferred are metal frames and bases, or at the very least heavy-duty plastic ones.

The best upholstery material is quality leather, while the padding should be high-density memory foam because it molds to your shape and offers the right balance of support and cushioning.

Reclining Function

It’s best to purchase a massaging office chair that reclines because that way, you can stretch your spine as the backrest takes most of the pressure from your body weight.

A recliner helps you relax while you’re taking breaks, but it also improves massage efficiency.

If you have compressed disc hurt or another type of back hurt, you should consider keeping your back at a 100-110ᵒ angle throughout your workday, according to the American Chiropractic Association.

You can either choose an automatic recliner that leans back when you push your weight into the backrest or a manual one.

I prefer office chair recliners with infinite tilt lock adjustments because they secure the chair into place, and they’re easier to adjust.

Massage Functions

Choose a chair with functions you actually need, not those that simply increase the price tag.

Make a list of your needs and priorities, as well as your budget, before deciding.

  • Do you want an intense full-back massage? Get a chair with the Shiatsu option.
  • Do you have peripheral neuropathy or want a milder full-back massage? Make sure your chair has a vibration function.
  • Do you want to become relaxed faster and improve circulation? Get an office chair massage and heat pad separately, or make sure yours has therapeutic heat.

You should also consider:

  • The body parts that will be massaged. Ensure the massager works where you need it to.
  • The intensity adjustments. Check for enough levels so you can adjust your massager to your daily needs and preferences.
  • Built-in programs. Some people prefer plenty of automatic techniques and programs because their needs are varied, while other people are happy with just one or two types of massages.
  • Customized programs. Some people want to build their own massage, while others are disconcerted by too many combinations and possibilities.

Color & Design

Color & DesignYou want a stylish chair that looks good and fits into your office environment.

Some people focus on functionality instead of design, while others want chairs in their preferred shades and shapes.

If you’re from this second category, it’s best not to compromise, or you’ll end up hating the chair.


Office massage chairs are not as expensive as ergonomic office chairs or full-body massage chairs so that you can find a good model priced between $75 and $300. Some of these models are easy to get for sale on various websites.

Set your budget according to your needs, but remember that the cheaper model has fewer options and functions, plus they’re less durable.

Expensive models are more advanced, easier to customize, and offer full-body massages for chronic pain.

Where to Buy

You can check websites such as Walmart, Amazon, Serta, or Argos to get a good deal on a reliable massage chair.

Or you can click on the links above to get one of the massagers I already reviewed and tested. The shipping is fast, and you’ll get an undamaged, quality product in no time.

Are Massaging Office Chairs Worth It?

Chairs are typically your most unfriendly, uncomfortable office furniture. Though they can’t cure a boss’s cold, they can make you feel better at the end of the day. You may even want to consider investing in a high-quality massage chair if you’re like us and spend a lot of your waking hours in a cubicle. Not only can the gaming chairs help to decrease stress, they can also help alleviate aching muscles. How could you say no to that?

All kinds of people visit my place for massages. Of course, I get most of my business from people coming to get a massage for either themselves or their partner. Since I’m not a licensed therapist, I can only treat them to my services. But there are also my buddies that come on their off days for a massage from me. It’s great seeing all of them because they don’t even have to pay anything. I consider myself a friend.

Is Sitting in a Massage Chair Good for You?

It’s been scientifically proven, yes. Studies have shown that if you’re a couch potato your body is basically turning into a sloth. How? It uses energy to rest and that energy is not recycled back into the body and converted into energy that the body can use to get you where you’re going, on the trail. I had the pleasure of working with two wonderful physical therapists, Kelly Smith (Folsom) and Mike Jackson (Pacifica) who in turn helped me get in shape and get my body strong enough for the adventure that lay ahead.

The rehabilitation that we went through was about 45 – 60 minutes twice a week for three months. There was a lot of electrical stimulation, massage, and tight bands to get my back and body back to their normalcy. Once I was ready to go, we started by training in my backyard.

Can I Sit in a Massage Chair All Day?

I’m a big believer in massage, but sometimes my clients want their massages and do not want a room full of noisy clanking machines. Is it OK to take a brief nap while receiving a massage in a private room? The answer is no, but rather it depends on the style and use of your massage table. A typical table that is used by a licensed massage therapist (the kind you and I may use ourselves) is tuned to vibrate at a certain frequency.

This frequency is different from that used by most vibrators, which are tuned to an average human body frequency. Even the different frequency is not what is responsible for your ability to sleep, but rather your own individual natural biochemistry. The vibrations will be enough to cause you to relax, and if you fall asleep, your sleep will be completely undisturbed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Chair do Chiropractors Recommend?

Kneeling chairs are recommended by chiropractors because they can help your body maintain its natural spine curvature and alleviate lower back discomfort. When it comes to selecting a chair that promotes good spinal health and aligns with the recommendations of chiropractors, there are several key factors to consider. One of the most crucial aspects is proper lumbar support, as it helps maintain the natural curvature of the lower back.

Look for chairs with adjustable lumbar support that can be tailored to individual preferences. Additionally, a chair with adjustable height and armrests allows for optimal positioning and reduces strain on the neck and shoulders. Ergonomic chairs with a contoured seat and backrest, along with ample padding, distribute body weight evenly and minimize pressure points. Remember, investing in a chair that supports good posture can significantly contribute to spinal health and overall well-being.

What Type of Chair is Best for Back Pain?

According to experts, it is recommended to choose an adjustable ergonomic office chair with customizable height, recline, armrests, and lumbar support to alleviate back pain. When considering a chair to alleviate back pain, it is important to prioritize certain features that provide optimal support and comfort. An ergonomic chair with proper lumbar support plays a pivotal role in maintaining the natural curvature of the spine and reducing strain on the lower back.

Look for chairs that offer adjustable lumbar support to cater to individual needs. Additionally, chairs with adjustable height and armrests allow for customizable positioning, promoting proper alignment and minimizing tension in the back, neck, and shoulders. Choosing a chair with adequate padding and a contoured seat and backrest helps distribute body weight evenly and alleviates pressure points. Remember, selecting a chair designed specifically for back pain can significantly contribute to improved spinal health and enhanced well-being.

Can I Use a Massaging Office Chair Every Day?

Using a massaging office chair every day can be a personal choice, but it is important to consider certain factors before incorporating it into your daily routine. While massages can provide temporary relief from muscle tension and promote relaxation, excessive or prolonged use of a massaging chair may not be recommended for everyone. It is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional, such as a chiropractor or physical therapist, to assess any underlying health conditions or specific concerns.

Additionally, individuals with certain medical conditions, such as herniated discs or spinal injuries, may need to exercise caution or avoid using a massaging chair altogether. Ultimately, moderation and listening to your body’s response are key. It is advisable to use the chair in accordance with professional guidance and to take breaks to allow your body to rest and recover naturally.

Who Should Not Use a Massage Chair?

While massage chairs offer various benefits for relaxation and pain relief, there are certain individuals who should exercise caution or avoid using them altogether due to potential health risks or contraindications. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before using a massage chair if you fall into any of these categories:

  1. Pregnant Women: Pregnant women should be cautious about using massage chairs, especially during the first trimester. Certain massage chair features, such as heat and intense pressure, can potentially harm the developing fetus. Prenatal massage chairs are designed specifically for pregnant women and are a safer option when used under professional guidance.
  2. Individuals with Medical Conditions: Those with specific medical conditions, such as cardiovascular problems, blood clot disorders, or recent surgeries, should avoid using massage chairs without consulting a healthcare provider. Massage chairs can affect blood circulation and may exacerbate these conditions.
  3. Frail Individuals: Elderly individuals or those with fragile bones should use massage chairs with caution. Intense massage techniques can pose a risk of fractures or injury to delicate bones and tissues.
  4. Skin Disorders: Individuals with skin disorders, open wounds, burns, or infections should avoid massage chairs as the pressure and friction can aggravate these conditions.
  5. Chronic Health Issues: People with chronic health issues like diabetes, neuropathy, or cancer should consult their healthcare provider before using a massage chair, as certain settings or techniques may not be suitable.
  6. Children: Massage chairs are generally not recommended for children, as their bodies are still developing, and the intensity of the massage may not be appropriate.
  7. Individuals with Sensory Disorders: Those with sensory disorders, including neuropathy, may have reduced sensitivity and may not be aware of discomfort or injury caused by the massage chair.
  8. Individuals on Medications: Some medications can affect sensitivity to pressure or temperature changes, making it important to consult a healthcare professional to assess the safety of using a massage chair while on medication.

Always prioritize safety and consult with a healthcare provider before using a massage chair, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions or concerns about its suitability. They can provide guidance on whether it’s safe and appropriate for your specific circumstances.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Massage Office Chair?

Engaging in a massage office chair can yield a spectrum of benefits, intertwining comfort, stress reduction, and potential physiological advantages. Scientifically, the integration of massage features in office chairs has been shown to have positive effects on both mental and physical well-being.

Primarily, the massage function in office chairs contributes to stress alleviation and relaxation. Research in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine indicates that massage therapy can lead to a reduction in cortisol levels, the hormone associated with stress. By incorporating this functionality into an office chair, individuals may experience diminished stress levels, promoting a more tranquil and focused work environment.

Beyond stress reduction, massage chairs can enhance blood circulation. Studies published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics suggest that massage stimulates blood flow, potentially aiding in the distribution of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Improved circulation not only contributes to better overall health but also helps in preventing stiffness and discomfort associated with prolonged sitting.

Furthermore, massage chairs often target specific pressure points, providing relief from muscle tension and promoting flexibility. The systematic application of massage techniques can aid in the reduction of muscle tightness and soreness, which are common issues arising from extended periods of sitting.

In conclusion, the utilization of a massage office chair offers a multifaceted approach to well-being, encompassing stress reduction, improved circulation, and relief from muscle tension. The scientific evidence supporting the positive effects of massage therapy underscores the potential benefits of integrating this feature into office furniture, providing a holistic solution for individuals seeking both comfort and physiological advantages in their workplace.

Is Kneading Massage Office Chair Good?

In the quest for improved workplace ergonomics and employee well-being, the kneading massage office chair has emerged as a popular option. But does it deliver tangible benefits, or is it just another gimmick? By examining scientific evidence and ergonomic principles, we can determine the true value of these chairs.

Ergonomic and Health Benefits

Kneading massage office chairs combine the benefits of ergonomic design with the therapeutic effects of massage. Ergonomically, these chairs often feature adjustable lumbar support, headrests, and armrests, which promote proper posture and reduce musculoskeletal strain. The kneading massage function, typically located in the backrest, provides a form of deep tissue massage known to alleviate muscle tension and improve circulation.

According to a study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, regular massage therapy can significantly reduce chronic back pain and muscle stiffness, conditions commonly exacerbated by prolonged sitting. The kneading action mimics the hands of a professional masseuse, targeting deep muscle layers to release tension and enhance blood flow. This can lead to reduced discomfort and fatigue, enabling employees to maintain productivity throughout the workday.

Impact on Stress and Mental Well-being

Stress reduction is another crucial benefit of kneading massage office chairs. The physical act of massage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for promoting relaxation. A study in the International Journal of Neuroscience found that massage therapy can decrease cortisol levels (a marker of stress) and increase serotonin and dopamine levels, which are associated with improved mood and reduced anxiety. Therefore, incorporating a massage function in an office chair can contribute to a more relaxed and stress-free work environment.

Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Comfortable and supportive seating directly influences productivity. A study in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology indicated that employees experiencing less physical discomfort are more likely to stay focused and perform efficiently. The addition of a massage feature can further enhance this by providing periodic relief from physical strain and mental fatigue. This dual benefit can lead to higher employee satisfaction and retention.

Durability and Investment Value

While kneading massage office chairs tend to be more expensive than standard ergonomic chairs, they offer long-term value. The combination of ergonomic support and massage therapy can reduce healthcare costs related to musculoskeletal issues and stress. Moreover, high-quality materials and construction ensure durability, making these chairs a worthwhile investment.

Kneading massage office chairs offer a compelling mix of ergonomic support and therapeutic benefits. By reducing muscle tension, alleviating pain, decreasing stress levels, and enhancing overall comfort, these chairs can significantly improve workplace health and productivity. While the initial cost may be higher, the long-term benefits in terms of employee well-being and productivity make them a smart investment for any office.

Final Conclusion

All the massage chairs above fit a different purpose.

  • If you want a comfy and plush, affordable massage chair that comes in various colors, choose HomCom Office Massage Computer Chair.
  • The BestMassage High-Back Office Chair is one of the most comfortable in my review.
  • The Relaxzen Heated Executive Chair is best for lumbar hurt.
  • Broyhill is good for tall people who need to improve their circulation.
  • The Essentials Heated Shiatsu Chair is good for chronic back hurt.

And so forth. But my top choice is the Barcalounger Shiatsu Heated Massage Chair.

This chair is stylish and has supportive contours for long hours. Sitting on it reduces backaches, and you have multiple options and adjustments for the vibration.


The Barcalounger offers a penetrating full-body massage that solves various issues, such as stress, poor circulation, muscle soreness, and back pain from compressed discs or sciatica.

Click on the link below. Do you think the Barcalounger is expensive? It only costs you the equivalent of five sessions with a chiropractor. Avoid getting to that point and but it now.