11 Best Standing Desk Chairs & Stools to Buy (2024) | User’s Guide

How do you choose a standing desk chair or stool? Start with your purpose. Why are you here, reading this?

Your doctor might have told you that your sedentary lifestyle will have long-term effects. You might be a musician or painter. You might have limited space in your office. You might have back pain. Or, you might simply think it’s a cool trend.

I bought a chair for a standing desk because I’ve had hip surgery and my doctor recommended one. So I did a lot of research on what’s best, and I’ve discussed things with my doctor and chiropractor.

All the models in this review are stools and chairs I considered getting myself. I reviewed their pros and cons with my doctors, so I could understand which chair is best for which purpose.

Now, I want to share all that information with you plus answer all your questions. Read on!

What is a Standing Up Office Chair?

A standing desk chair is a chair you can use for your standing desk, so it should be at least 30-inch tall, considering that most standing desks are 44 inches high.

What is a Standing Desk Chair

Standing desk chairs don’t look like typical best standing ergonomic office chairs, so they’re not plush, they don’t have tall backrests with headrests or highly adjustable armrests. Standing chairs keep your spine moving, so they’re best for back pain.

Top 11 Best Standing Ergonomic Desk Chair & Stool Models Review:

Aren’t all standing chairs ergonomic? No. Plus, all the models are completely different. Keep your purpose and shape in mind before making any purchase. I’ve selected a winner for each category to make things easier.

1. Harwick Evolve All Mesh Heavy Comfortable Ergonomic Chair With Back Support – Best #1 Model

Harwick Evolve

The Harwick Evolve has an ergonomic design that helps you maintain a correct posture thanks to its curved seatback and comfortable seat. The waterfall seat edge doesn’t dig into your thighs, so your blood can circulate unrestricted.

Harwick Evolve is a sturdy chair backed by a 10-year guarantee. Notice the strong and supportive materials used for manufacturing the Evolve: the Duragrid mesh that’s patented and supportive, plus the heavy-duty gunmetal-coated base that supports people up to 325 pounds.

Harwick Evolve keeps the pain away thanks to a combination of factors, like the elastic Duragrid mesh, the ergonomic design, and the lumbar support, which together prevent muscle stiffness and joint pain. These features support good posture, with aligned hips and spine that rest in a natural position.

You even get good upper body support. If you want to relax, you can flip down the armrests and use the Evolve as a regular chair. Use the pneumatic height adjustment mechanism to lift or lower your chair 20-inches.

Harwick Evolve offers dynamic support in all positions. Thanks to its Synchro-Tilt technology, the seat lifts with the seatback when you recline. Thanks to its Infinite tilt lock, you can secure the Evolve at any recline angle you want.

  • Good back support
  • Improved circulation
  • Easy adjustments
  • Dynamic support
  • Breathable and elastic mesh
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Foot ring
  • Max weight 325 pounds
  • For big and tall
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Non-metal base (probably abs plastic)
  • Expensive

Summary: The Harwick Evolve is an ergonomic and versatile chair with several adjustments that help you keep a correct posture in all positions.


2. Varidesk Adjustable Chair by VARICHAIR – Best Value Budget Tall Chair

Varidesk Standing Desk Adjustable

The Varidesk Varichair is the best value budget standing chair because it’s ergonomic and comfortable enough. The bonus is it will come fully assembled.

The Varidesk uses medium-quality materials. Although the base and seat pan are plastic-made, the plastic used is durable enough for a few years.

The Varidesk sports basic adjustments. You can pivot thanks to a 360-degree swivel, and the side handle is conveniently placed. This chair has a forward tilt to keep your hips and spine aligned, but it doesn’t offer to wobble or bouncing movements.

The seat is ergonomic. You will rest on a small and convex seat that keeps your hips open, but the seat padding is firm, so not extremely comfy for long hours.

The Varidesk keeps your correct posture. The combination of 135ᵒ leg angle and forward tilt allows you to sit upright in a natural position, and to move how you want. This constant movement fights stiffness and pain, but it comes with a steep learning curve.

  • Comes fully assembled
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Stable
  • Good adjustments
  • Mobile
  • Promotes good posture
  • Lets you move
  • The firm seat might not work for long hours
  • Plastic

Summary: The Varidesk Varichair is a good budget option if you need an ergonomic standing up chair that lets you move a lot.


3. Ergo Impact LeanRite Ergonomic With Mat – Best Leaning Stool

Ergo Impact LeanRite Ergonomic With Mat

This leaning stool received various awards because it works great for mobility-challenged people. Ergo Impact LeanRite changes the meaning of ergonomics with its adjustable stool and mat that helps people stand more.

LeanRite makes your core stronger because you will sit in a neutral position. The corollary advantage is no numbness in your tailbone area, which usually happens with most stools.

You can sit on the LeanRite for hours. This stool allows you to move when you’re at the office, which means you can adjust your position, but still, be supported. The result is less joint pain and stiffness.

LeanRite is a sturdy and stable chair courtesy of its quality materials, including the aluminum frame, urethane wheels, an anti-fatigue mat.

  • Ergonomic
  • Prize-winning
  • Strengthens core muscles
  • Alleviates pain
  • Offers dynamic support
  • For long hours
  • No leg fatigue
  • Expensive
  • You have to wear shoes on the platform to prevent slipping
  • You may need a footrest if you’re short and want to sit upright

Summary: The Ergo Impact Leanrite is an award-winning leaning stool that helps mobility-challenged people to strengthen their core.


4. Varier Move Tilting Saddle Stool – Height-Adjustable Standing Stool

Varier Move Tilting Saddle Stool

Varier Move has a proven reputation because it has been manufactured and bought for almost 35 years by people all over the world.

Varier Move is sturdy and durable, which you can infer from its long warranty and quality materials, such as the hardwood base.

The Move keeps you moving during the day because it lets you wobble in every direction, including back and forward, thanks to an upward curving base.

The Move lets you stay put. Just use the bases’ flat section, and you’ll find that this is a stable chair.

The Move is comfortable for hours because it has an ergonomic saddle design that opens your hips to help you keep a correct posture. You’ll also like the thick padding that’s the right combination of firm and supportive. However, the saddle seat has a learning curve too.

Varier Move adjusts to your size and sitting preferences because it offers a height adjustment up to 34 inches, with a total of three height levels.

  • Reputable Company
  • Long warranty
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Top materials
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
  • For tall people
  • Can be used for sitting
  • Saddle seat has a learning curve
  • Doesn’t lean completely when upright

Summary: Varier Move is a good choice for tall people thanks to its wide range of height adjustments, as well as for people who appreciate a wobbling design.


5. AERIS Muvman Sit-Stand Stool – Great Mobile Standing Chair

AERIS Muvman Sit-Stand Stools

The Aeris Muvman is a representative of German quality. Its design has won it many awards thanks to its user-friendliness and durability.

The Muvman uses top materials, such as glass-fiber reinforced with precision-coating polyimide for the base and seat pan, with breathable microfiber upholstery. The result is a strong and light chair that’s not prone to scratches. The rim is made from non-slip rubber, and the mounting plate is steel, which is also resistant to materials that make the Muvman stable.

The Muvman offers firm support because the seat pan is small and has little padding. The aligns your hips to your spine, but it might not be comfortable for hours.

The Muvman helps you maintain a correct posture in all positions because the chair has a 4ᵒ front tilt to open your hips and to offer reliable support when you’re changing postures.

The Muvman offers a wide range of height adjustments for leaning or sitting. It can be lifted up or down within 13 inches, but you get three extra inches for tall people.

  • Grade A materials
  • Stylish
  • Reliable warranty
  • Plenty of adjustments
  • Allows you to move freely
  • Allows you to sit
  • Secure
  • Extended cylinder option for tall users
  • Portable thanks to seat handle
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Small seat with no padding

Summary: The Aeris Muvman is a good option if you want to be supported in all your positions.


6. Luna Stool by Fully – Good Stand-Up Desk Chair

Luna Standing Desk Stools by Fully

Luna Standing accommodates a wide range of users thanks to its height adjustments between 23.6 and 33.5 inches and 300 pounds max accepted weight, although petite users might have issues sitting down completely.

The Luna is a resistant, non-slip chair thanks to its sturdy aluminum base coated with rubber for enhanced grip.

Luna Standing strengthens your core muscles thanks to its innovative design that has you halfway between standing and sitting in a dynamic position that makes you feel more energized.

The chair promotes a correct posture and enhances your blood circulation because you’ll be almost standing up all the time, which allows you to move however you want, while still receiving enough support to maintain a neutral position. Even tall people will have their legs at a 120-degree angle.

Luna Standing offers firm support because the seat cushion isn’t plush for long hours sitting, but it keeps your hips in a naturally open position.

  • Light
  • Compact
  • Works for a vast range of users
  • Resistant
  • Encourages a dynamic posture
  • Enhances blood flow
  • Firm support
  • Not for sitting
  • Not for petite people
  • Not everyone appreciates the seat

Summary: The Luna chair by Fully is elegant, but it also promotes blood flow, works your core, and alleviates back pain because it keeps you in a correct posture.


7. SONGMICS (Sitting Balance Model)

Songmics Stools


The SONGMICS Balance Chair raises your energy levels and enhances productivity because it has an ergonomic design that allows you to swivel 360-degree and tilt to 8 degrees. Your muscles are constantly working, so they won’t get tired or stiff.

The seat is supportive and comfortable thanks to its high-density reflex foam that adjusts to your shape and keeps your hips aligned to your spine and open at a correct angle. The 2.6-inch thick padding is comfy enough even for those who prefer plusher chairs.

It’s better for sitting because the two-seat height adjustment levers lift or lower the stool between 19.7 and 27.6 inches.

The chair is safe thanks to its large 16.1-inch base covered with an anti-slip PVC pad, which protects you from the risk of falling and your floor from scratches.

The chair is made with quality materials, such as polypropylene and steel for the frame and base, quality memory foam, and polyester for the upholstery.

  • Comfortable seat padding
  • Good tilt and swivel
  • Keeps your muscles working
  • Allows you to move freely
  • Safe
  • Top materials
  • Some complaint about tailbone pain after long hours of sitting
  • Not a really good height for standing desks

Summary: This SONGMICS is a good option for painting, reading, teaching or practicing the guitar, but doesn’t work that well with a standing desk.


8. Modway Charge Drafting Chair

Modway Charge Drafting Chair

Modway Charge keeps you in a relaxed, neutral position because it has a human back construction, with a spine in the middle and flexible ribs on the side, which contour and support your back however you move.

The backrest is comfortable and breathable thanks to its elastic mesh that promotes good airflow.

The seat also promotes good circulation because it’s slightly curved and boasts a waterfall edge that doesn’t press into your thighs.

The seat is comfortable for hours thanks to its cushiony padding covered with breathable mesh upholstery. The seat padding offers reliable support, aligning your hips to your spine and keeping them slightly open.

You get good support for your whole body. The padded vinyl armrests are easy to flip down if you want arm support, while the steel foot ring is secure and large enough to take the pressure off your feet.

  • Prevents backaches
  • Comfortable and supportive seat
  • Breathable
  • Strong
  • Stable
  • Good upper body and foot support
  • Conveniently-placed adjustment knob
  • Too high for a normal desk height
  • The armrests scratch easily
  • Tall users find the backrest height uncomfortable

Summary: If you want to sit down once in a while at your standing desk, move your stool aside and get the Modway Charge, which is an ergonomic, comfortable, and supportive model.


9. UPLIFT Motion Stool – Good Ergonomic Stool

UPLIFT Motion Stool

The Uplift Motion Stool keeps you moving because you can wobble on it to enhance blood circulation and give your core muscles quite a workout, plus it also rotates. The problem is that it’s difficult to keep the chair stable.

The Motion is sturdy and anti-slip thanks to a molded rubber base with a top grip and a polypropylene body that’s a resistant material.

The seat is comfy and ergonomic thanks to its padding and waterfall edge that enhance blood flow and keep your hips at a slightly open angle.

The height has a 10-inch adjustment range. Although other chairs have bigger height adjustments, 10 inches are enough to find a comfortable position.

  • Sturdy
  • Non-slip
  • Quality-made
  • Works your core
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Supportive seat
  • Breathable upholstery
  • 10-inch height adjustment
  • Doesn’t lock into place
  • People under 5’1” require a footrest

Summary: If you want a self-balancing stool that moves when you move, Uplift Motion engages your core muscles and promotes a natural, dynamic posture.


10. Modway Attainment Drafting Chair – Mobile Model for Standing Desk With Back Support

Modway Attainment

This chair can be used for a lot of purposes, not limited to a standing chair. You can use it for painting, teaching, reading, playing the guitar, gaming, or even as a reception chair.

The Attainment is comfortable for long hours because the mesh backrest is breathable and elastic enough for top support, while the seat is the right mix of support and plushness thanks to its quality foam.

Pro tip: Don’t wear shorts on the seat because its vinyl upholstery makes you sweaty.

This chair is good for people with chronic back pain thanks to its lumbar support and waterfall edge that takes the pressure off your thighs, so you don’t have to lean forward in the hopes of minimizing thigh pain.

The Attainment has various ergonomic options for full-body support, including 22.5-30 height, reliable chrome-plated foot ring, and height-adjustable armrests to minimize upper body aches and pains.

  • Multifunctional
  • Modern design
  • Supportive and ergonomic
  • Reduces back pain
  • Padded and adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable foot ring
  • Stable
  • With back support
  • Doesn’t fit under a regular desk
  • Easy-to-scratch upholstery
  • Short seat for tall users

Summary: The Modway Attainment is a good replacement for your standing stool because it’s adjustable, offers good support to your whole body, and decreases back pain.


11. Active Collection FWS-1000-BK Pivot Stand-Up Leaning Seat

Active Collection Stools

The FWS-1000 encourages you to move while you’re sitting because your legs form a 130-degree with your chest, so you will lean on the chair instead of sitting down. However, this angle is uncomfortable for short people.

The chair offers firm support thanks to its Tri-Flex seat padding that opens your hips and aligns them to your spine so you can maintain a correct posture. Although the seat is ergonomic, some people prefer plush and thick paddings for long hours.

The seat doesn’t put pressure on your hamstrings and tailbone because it has a waterfall design and sitz bone contours that allow proper weight distribution. Basically, your weight isn’t supported by your tailbone or thighs, but by the chair.

The chair offers good height adjustments between 26 and 33.5 inches, and the two side grips are conveniently placed within easy reach.

  • Supportive and ergonomic
  • Non-slip base
  • Promotes movement
  • Good weight distribution
  • No tailbone pain
  • Easy height adjustments
  • Not for sitting
  • Not for petite users without footrest
  • Some people find the seat is too firm for long hours

Summary: The Active Collection FWS-1000 offers dynamic support, promotes a natural posture and dynamic movements.


Types of Standing Up Chairs

  • Active sitting chairs are good for core engagement and constant movements. They’re recommended to people who want to minimize their sitting time and who want to stay focused.
  • Drafting chairs have a backrest and comfy seat, but they don’t fit under the regular desk. These chairs are multifunctional because you can use them for reading, painting, teaching, or playing an instrument.
  • Leaning stools allow a variety of postures, whether you sit, lean, or stand on them.
  • Stability balls are best for core engagement, but not very stable.

Standing Desk vs Kneeling Chair

Kneeling chairs have support for your knees and arch your lower back to lower the pressure in your spinal discs. If you have chronic back pain or are at risk for it, kneeling chairs are a good solution because they keep you in an upright posture. If you have knee pain, these chairs might put too much pressure on them.

Standing Desk vs Kneeling Chair

Standing desk chairs enhance your overall posture because they support active movements, so your spine is flexed throughout the day. The advantage is that you can move more and that they don’t press into your knees.

Standing Desk vs Ball Chair

Ball chairs come with a seat frame-like support, or you can purchase a stability ball. Either way, these balls might not be high enough for a stand up desk, and definitely not as easy to adjust as a standing desk chair.

vs Ball Chairs

While ball chairs engage your core more, especially when you’re using them without their support, they might put too much pressure on your tailbone, and they’re especially wobbly.

Standing chairs allow free moving and dynamic support, as well as stability, though they’re not as bouncy as ball chairs.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Standing Desk Stools or Chair

  1. Long warranty. Look for a chair backed by a few years of warranty to rest assured it’s a durable model.
  2. Height adjustment. You need to make sure the chair supports you in every position, regardless of your needs and body size.
  3. Portability. Ensure that the chair is easy to move because it’s light and/or has incorporated handles.
  4. Quality build. The materials have to be sturdy. The base and seat pan should be metal or glass fiber, or at the very least durable plastic.
  5. Dynamic support. Make sure the chair keeps you in a correct posture regardless of how you’re moving.
  6. Seat comfort. Your seat should be accommodating of your shape and size, with quality padding that cradles your bum and doesn’t put pressure on your tailbone or thighs.
  7. Seat design. Convex seats are good for improved blood circulation thanks to their round edges. Concave seats with an inward curve are ergonomic because they curve to your shape. Saddle chairs are dynamically supportive and correct your posture by opening your hips and forcing you to sit up straight.
  8. Stability. Make sure the chair doesn’t tip over and that the base has a good grip.
  9. Upholstery. You need breathable upholstery that doesn’t rip easily, and that doesn’t scratch your skin.
  10. Adjustability. Look for various adjustments that fit your purposes, such as seat height for various postures, arm height for upper body support if you get a drafting chair, or the ability to change between wobbling, bouncing, sitting, and standing positions for extra mobility.
  11. A standing desk. Make sure you can use the chair you’re getting for your standing desk. Wirecutter has some good advice on which desk to choose important buying advice here.

Are Bar Stools and Standing Support Chair Good for Posture?

A traditional ergonomic sitting position has your knees and elbows bent at 90ᵒ. Recent research suggests that people have an evolutionary need to move as much as possible and that sitting is bad for posture because it makes your spine and joints stiff.

Standing Support Chairs Good for Posture

Standing chairs and high-top chairs are better because they allow you to keep moving. Standing support chairs engage your core and keep you in an upright position that’s closer to what your body needs.

Quality standing chairs are ergonomic. They help your blood circulation; they align your hips to your spine and open your hips at a comfortable angle. These features decrease long-term joint and bone aches.

Are Standing Chairs Good for You?

Staying in one place is probably not very conducive to getting things done, but with a standing desk, you can shift your workstation from place to place, even if you only switch back and forth every few hours. But the key is to keep your body still, even if it’s just for a few seconds, as your back will not recover the same way. Staying still for long periods of time, however, can interfere with your posture, causing stiffness, which can make it more difficult to perform tasks, says McQueeney. One big concern about standing desks is that they reduce fitness, with studies suggesting that they can lead to muscle atrophy, lower endurance, and weight gain. But as real-world experiences tell us, they can be a healthy way to boost fitness while also leaving a lower carbon footprint and leading to more energy savings for employers.

Here’s what it takes to design a standing desk that’s both helpful and good for you. All-metal designs As far as I can tell, the only thing standing metal can do better than wood is to keep you from falling over. If you care more about building strength than aesthetics, all-metal desks are a must. These metal models are heavy-duty and heavy, so you won’t be slipping or trying to sit down to adjust your laptop. If you do want a lighter desk, metal and plastic-framed designs are a safe option. This classic desk is just the right size for a small office, and it weighs just 3.3 pounds. You can find all sorts of solid metal desks with built-in stabilizers, adjustable legs, etc. They’re popular among architects and the heavy-duty set. Most of them are fairly affordable, too.

Is a Standing Desk Better Than a Sitting Desk?

If you’ve been debating whether you should buy a standing desk, there’s no reason to wait any longer. This guide will help you decide which one is right for you. Stand-up desks, or “side seated” desks are becoming increasingly popular as people search for a way to combat poor posture and improve overall health and wellness. However, the term “standing desk” can be confusing and misleading, and this guide will clear up some of the confusion.

But before we get into it, there are a few things you need to know about standing desks. It can be challenging to discern the differences between standing desks and “side seated” desks because they are often marketed almost identically, and the operating systems and basic software for both tend to be quite similar to Airlift 360 Sit Stand or Seville Classics. Not all standing desks use the same mechanical design, and some of them can provide more ergonomic advantages than others. Consider what works best for you and your work schedule before settling on one option. This guide also assumes you already have a desk and a computer or flash furniture. You can, however, buy a stand-up desk and replace your desk if you prefer.

Are Floor Desks Good for You?

We’ve found floor desks to be useful in the workplace, and we’ve also used them in the home for weight-bearing exercises. We like their affordability and minimal footprint, although we feel that they’re a long way from the L-shaped, row-style desks that were common in the industrial age. You can buy a low-profile desk that will cost a fraction of the price of our favorite model. (The cheapest version is currently about $180.) Floor desks are a popular workplace perk, but should you add one? Do you actually get a better work day on a floor desk?

While desk ergonomics can sometimes be debated, in general, experts tend to agree that getting up from a desk is better for the body than staying seated for hours at a time. Getting up regularly, however, can be difficult, especially if you work in an office and need to make calls, get up to grab something from your desk, or answer.

Do Standing Desks Help Lose Weight?

For people that live in an area that’s usually rather cold during the winter months, standing desks can help with the battle to lose weight and stay in shape. Standing can provide the body with an extra source of energy, which can help prevent fatigue, as well as provide plenty of upper body exercise. The fitness benefits use are pretty amazing. As a matter of fact, if you haven’t given this alternative a try, the next time you have an office job make the switch.

One of the main reasons standing desks are a great idea is for the employees that work in smaller companies. Usually, there’s no need for a separate desk area for each employee, but larger companies often have the same issue. Standing is ideal for those employees who want to walk to a water cooler or restroom break and then head back to their desks to finish their work. It’s not difficult to make your work area sit up and take notice. A little more space can make all the difference, and with a standing desk, you’re in control.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Chair Do You Use With a Standing Desk?

When using a standing desk, selecting an appropriate chair is essential to ensure ergonomic comfort and support during periods of sitting or leaning. The chair you choose should complement the functionality of your standing desk, promoting good posture and minimizing the risk of discomfort or musculoskeletal issues. Here are key considerations when selecting a chair for a standing desk:

  1. Ergonomic Design: Opt for an ergonomic chair that offers adjustable features. This includes height, lumbar support, armrests, and seat depth adjustments. These features allow you to customize the chair to your body’s unique needs.
  2. Stool or Perch Chair: Many users prefer a stool or perch chair, also known as a drafting chair. These chairs provide a convenient option for leaning or perching while working at a standing desk. They typically have a height-adjustable seat and a footrest for added comfort.
  3. Mobility: Consider a chair with wheels or casters if your workspace requires you to move around frequently. This allows for easy transitions between sitting and standing positions without the need to adjust the chair’s height constantly.
  4. Material and Cushioning: Choose a chair with breathable and supportive materials. Mesh-backed chairs are excellent for airflow, while high-density foam cushions offer comfort during extended sitting sessions.
  5. Stability: Ensure that the chair is stable and has a sturdy base to prevent wobbling or tipping over, especially when shifting your weight while standing.
  6. Budget: While high-end ergonomic chairs offer numerous benefits, there are budget-friendly options that provide adequate support and adjustability for users.
  7. Trial Period: If possible, opt for a chair with a trial period or return policy to ensure it suits your comfort and needs.

Remember that the right chair for a standing desk varies depending on individual preferences and requirements. Prioritize your comfort, health, and productivity when making your selection, and consider seeking advice from ergonomic specialists or trying out chairs in person if possible.

Ergo Impact Standing Chair

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining both comfort and productivity is paramount, and the Ergo Impact Standing Chair offers a revolutionary solution. Designed to complement the benefits of standing desks, this chair provides a balance of support and mobility, making it an essential tool for modern workspaces.

Ergonomic Excellence

The Ergo Impact Standing Chair is engineered to support a dynamic working posture. Its unique design encourages slight movement, promoting blood circulation and reducing fatigue commonly associated with prolonged standing. This movement not only enhances comfort but also helps in maintaining core strength, which is crucial for overall health.

Optimal Design

Crafted with precision, the chair features a contoured seat and adjustable height, accommodating a variety of body types and desk heights. The seat’s cushioning is made from high-density foam, ensuring long-lasting comfort. Its non-slip base provides stability, allowing you to lean or perch with confidence, making transitions between sitting and standing seamless.

Health Benefits

Research supports the health advantages of alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day. The Ergo Impact Standing Chair facilitates this balance, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders and improving posture. By encouraging subtle movements, it also helps alleviate back pain and stiffness, common complaints among office workers.

Productivity Boost

Beyond health benefits, the chair contributes to increased productivity. The ability to adjust your position effortlessly allows for greater focus and concentration. Users report feeling more energized and less fatigued, which translates into enhanced performance and creativity.

Sustainable Choice

In alignment with eco-friendly values, the Ergo Impact Standing Chair is constructed with sustainable materials, underscoring its commitment to environmental responsibility.

Investing in the Ergo Impact Standing Chair is not just about choosing a chair; it’s about prioritizing your health, comfort, and productivity. Make the smart choice for your workspace today and experience the transformative impact it can have on your work life.

Where to Buy. What Customers Are Saying

There are many places where you can get desk chairs and stools, such as Ikea, Staples, or Office Depot, but that entails a lot of research work on your part.

I’d recommend checking the websites for the products I listed here to see if you can get any discounts or deals.

Otherwise, your best bet is to check Amazon for fast shipping and low prices. The advantage of Amazon is that you can also read some customer reviews.

Speaking of that, let’s see what customers are saying about some of the products I included in this review.

  • Harwick Evolve. Andy Fitzgerald likes how comfortable and versatile the Evolve is, comparable to his previous Aeron, but Rick Graichen warns that the armrests are too low for some people.
  • Varidesk Varichair. Some people, including Tom, complain that the Varidesk doesn’t last as long as they’d like, although it’s an expensive model. Other people, like Geochick, found that the Varidesk is comfortable and durable, so this is probably a matter of getting shipped a bad product.
  • Ergo Impact LeanRite. Brian emphasizes both the strong points and the negative ones when he says that this is a 5-star leaning stool, but a 3-4-star is sitting chair because it’s not as comfortable as a recliner or couch, but it keeps you moving.
  • Varier Move Tilting Saddle Stool. This model has only good reviews. Sarah C. says it’s a great stool for musicians, Sparebanken NOR says that his first Varier Move lasted for years, and Peter Jones is happy about getting rid of his back pain courtesy of this stool.
  • AERIS Muvman Sit-Stand Stool. Zach Nathan offers a comprehensive review of the Aeris Muvman because he owned one for over six years. While he admits that the stool is good, he also admits that it’s not perfect. While he says the Muvman is durable, comfortable, and sleek, he feels that the cushion is too firm and claims that his height adjustment buttons malfunctioned after a year.
  • Luna Standing Desk Stool by Fully. This stool is lacking in user reviews on Amazon, but those who have written about it claim it’s a good, durable stool, although its firm seat padding isn’t great for long-term sitting.
  • SONGMICS (Sitting Balance Model). Patrick Pruitt says that the Songmics helped him recover after his hip surgery and appreciates the customer service, but Johanna Miller is not happy about the chair’s firm cushion.


After reading these reviews, it’s important to remember two key things:

1. Comfort looks different for each person, but standing chairs are made for standing, not sitting. Standing chairs have to give you ergonomic support and ensure you’re always keeping a correct posture, so that’s why their seat cushions are firmer than a plush model, such as Harwick Tall Office Chair or the La-Z-Boy Delano.

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2. You may be shipped a damaged product, especially if you purchase a used one. Make sure you get a reliable warranty and contact the company’s customer service as soon as possible to remedy this issue.

Can Standing Desk Chairs or Wobble Stools Be Used With a Traditional Desk?

Yes, standing desk chairs and wobble stools can be effectively utilized with a traditional desk, offering ergonomic benefits and promoting a dynamic work environment. Scientifically, these alternatives are designed to address the drawbacks of prolonged sitting and enhance overall well-being.

Standing desk chairs, also known as leaning stools, provide users with an intermediate option between standing and sitting. Research published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health emphasizes the advantages of alternating between sitting and standing during the workday. Utilizing a standing desk chair at a traditional desk allows individuals to periodically shift their posture, potentially reducing the risk of musculoskeletal issues associated with prolonged sitting.

Wobble stools, characterized by their dynamic and unstable base, encourage subtle movements while seated. Scientific studies, such as those in the journal PLOS ONE, suggest that incorporating movement into the sitting experience may positively impact energy expenditure and musculoskeletal health. Using wobble stools with a traditional desk allows users to engage their core muscles and promote postural adjustments, contributing to a more active and health-conscious workspace.

Both standing desk chairs and wobble stools cater to the principles of ergonomics, ensuring that users maintain proper posture and experience less strain on their bodies. Integrating these alternatives with a traditional desk aligns with the evolving understanding of the importance of movement and varied postures in promoting a healthier and more comfortable work environment.

Final Conclusion on Standing Desk Chairs. What to Choose?

If you read this article or any of my other articles, you know how important it is to get products that cater to your needs.

Consider the type of standing chair that is best for your needs, then choose from the list above. The first question you should ask is, “why do I want a standing chair?”

That’s exactly the question I tried to answer throughout this article, so let’s recap:

  • Best ergonomic budget option: Varidesk Varichair
  • Best for mobility-challenged people: Ergo Impact LeanRite
  • Best for tall people: Varier Move
  • Best for support in all positions: Aeris Muvman
  • Best for back pain: Luna chair by Fully
  • Best for versatility: SONGMICS Adjustable Chair
  • Best for sitting comfort: Modway Charge
  • Best for core engagement: Uplift Motion
  • Best for total body support: Modway Attainment
  • Best for natural posture: Active Collection FWS-1000

And of course, the best overall model is the Harwick Evolve because its ergonomic design corrects your posture and minimizes back or tailbone pain.


The Evolve offers good upper body support and foot support, as well as dynamic support in all positions thanks to its Synchro-tilt technology, for short and tall people. Bonus: a 10-year warranty backs it.

Harwick Evolve is an all-in-one type of standing desk chair, so it’s the best investment you can make. Order it now and get the best total body support, core engagement, and correct posture right in your office.