Best Reclining Office Chairs with Footrest (Updated for 2020)

Reclining chairs are comfortable and alleviate all sorts of aches and strains. No one pays you to be more comfortable; you’re paid to be brilliant. But comfort increases your productivity, and, without this extra help, you might lose your job.

How can you find the best reclining office chair?

Typing reclining chairs near me into your Google is one way to go. But I’m the adept of thorough research. That’s how I came up with the top below.

I’ve tried and tested most of these chairs in conference rooms, offices I’ve worked, and my friends’ offices.

I found that there’s no such thing as a perfect recliner, but you can find the best reclining chair for your needs.

Read my review and tips to avoid getting duped.

TOP 10 Best Recliner Office Chairs (2020 Review)

There are plenty of reclining chairs on Walmart, but you need to get a reliable model like the ones below.

1. Duramont Reclining Office Chair – #1 Best Overall Choice

Duramont Reclining Chair

The Duramont Reclining Office Chair is my best choice because it’s packed with features and because it’s highly versatile.

The lumbar support is very effective, and you can use this chair for gaming, writing at the computer, taking interviews or studying.

This solid chair allows you to sit comfortably for prolonged hours, especially if you have chronic backaches, thanks to its S-shape back-rest that follows the natural spine curvature and takes the pressure off your spine.

The seatback recline also alleviates pain because your weight is supported by the seatback, and not by your spine. You can recline to 155ᵒ max, but you have a tilt lock at 120ᵒ too.

Consider that the built-in headrest takes the pressure off your neck when you’re working, and allows you to nap comfortably when you’re reclining.

The Duramont is a plush chair with comfy and supportive seat pillows, plus a waterfall-edge design that doesn’t restrict your thigh blood circulation. The armrests are curved and padded, but they don’t support any adjustments.

The footrest is another reason I think this chair’s a top choice. The footrest is easy to retract and generously padded, plus long enough for tall people.



Anatomically-correct design

Plush lumbar pillow

Comfy and long footrest

155ᵒ max recline

Versatile chair

Stylish PU leather recliner

Sturdy heavy-duty nylon base

90-day money-back guarantee


Limited adjustments except for height and recline

 Your calves touch the retracted footrest if you pull your feet under the seat

 250 pounds max

Summary: The Duramont office chair is the best choice because it’s an ergonomic, versatile chair with an accommodating footrest and a 155-degree recline angle, and it is comfortable desk chair to sit in for longer hours. It is one of the top desk chairs that recline


2. KILLABEE Reclining Racing Gaming Chair with Foot Rest – Best High Back Model

KILLABEE Reclining Racing Gaming Chair

The Duramont is the best overall chair, but it’s a medium-back model. The Killabee Reclining gaming chair is a high-back model for taller people and optimal support.

You can sit in this chair for hours because it has an ergonomic design and it’s highly adjustable:

The seat has a memory foam padding that combines support with cushioning.

The arm-rests are 3D adjustable, unlike the Duramont, in terms of length, height, and depth.

The backrest has a racecar design that keeps your spine and pelvis aligned so you can keep a correct posture.

You can adjust or remove both the lumbar support and the headrest. If you have back or neck pain, these cushions provide additional support to avoid strains.

You can adjust the rocking tension. Gamers might need a smooth rocking up to 30ᵒ, but working at the computer requires a tough rocking motion of max 10ᵒ.

The back reclines with a tilt lock. You can adjust the back angle to 90ᵒ, 120ᵒ, 140ᵒ, and 155ᵒ, so you can find a comfortable position regardless of your task.

The Killabee Gaming Chair has a wide seat and backrest, and it’s made with quality materials: PU leather upholstery, heavy-duty metal base, and cold cure memory foam. In fact, these materials are better than the ones in the Duramont.


 Great for the tall and heavy, though it’s no Lazyboy


 Quality materials

Supportive and comfy

 Eliminates backaches


The arm-rests aren’t curved, nor thickly padded

The memory foam seat is firm for some people

The headrest needs constant readjustment

There’s no footrest

Summary: The Killabee Gaming Chair is the best choice for gamers because of its natural recline and ergonomics and adjustments that allow you to sit in it for hours.


3. Homelegance Recliner Office Chair With Footrest

Homelegance Recliner Office Chair With Footrest

The Homelegance Recliner Office Chair is the epitome of luxury and sophistication. The leather upholstery and button tufting make this chair look extremely elegant.

The backrest reclines slightly back to take the pressure off your spine, and it comes with an incorporated headrest for additional neck and head support.

These two features combine to alleviate any existing back and neck problems, or to prevent future back pain.

The seat has a plush design with thick cushions that feel quite comfy because they’re made from high-quality memory foam.

This memory foam is supportive for the long run, without being excessively firm. The seat edge has a waterfall design that doesn’t constrict blood circulation to the feet.

The arm-rests, albeit not adjustable, are plush and comfortable thanks to their wing-back design. The footrest is also plush and elegant, the best part being that it’s separate.


 Elegant design

 Reclining backrest

 Plush construction

 Supportive memory foam

 Separate footrest

 Quality materials (metal base, bonded leather upholstery, top memory foam)

Limited adjustments

Not a computer desk chair

Not for the tall and heavy

Summary: The Homelegance Recliner Office Chair is an elegant, supportive chair with a separate footrest, but it’s not the best desk chair option.


4. Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair – Stylish Reclining Computer Chair

Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chairs

This fabric reclining office chair from Hbada is the prototype of ergonomics.

The seatback is made from breathable mesh, and it has an S-shape design that keeps your spine in a correct posture. The uniqueness comes from the backrest’s inverted triangle design that supports the spine and makes the chair sturdier.

The headrest is also meshed, ventilated, and supportive, although you might feel the steel frame too much when leaning back. The head rest can rotate to accommodate various tasks and postures.

The Synchro-tilt option allows the seat to move together with the backrest when you tilt, so you’re supported in every position.

The seat is supportive and comfortably padded with a high-resilience, eco-friendly mesh cushion, and has a waterfall edge that takes the pressure off your hamstrings.

This chair sports some adjustments. It has a 90-155ᵒ recline with lock, the head rest rotates to 30ᵒ and is height adjustable.

The footrest is easy to retract, but it’s not extremely plush or long.

Sturdy steel frame

Breathable mesh backrest and headrest

Rotating head rest

Synchronous tilt

Generous 155ᵒ recline

Comfortably padded seat

Retractable footrest

You might feel the steel frame through the headrest

The arm-rests don’t support your elbows when you’re writing

Limited adjustments

For people under 5’10”

Summary: The Hbada Ergonomic Office chair is an ergonomic chair for petite users and a good chair for bad back that comes with two unique selling propositions: a rotating head rest and a triangle design backrest.


5. BestOffice High-Back Reclining Gaming Chair

BestOffice High-Back Reclining Gaming Chairs

The BestOffice High-back Reclining Gaming Chair with massage is best for people who suffer from back pain.

The chair is comfortable and ergonomic , including the S-shape backrest that keeps your spine in a neutral position where the weight is supported by the seatback.

Although there’s no lumbar support, the massage function and head rest compensate for this minus.

The seat and arm-rests are thickly cushioned, and the seat comes with a waterfall-edge design that doesn’t dig into your thighs when you’re sitting down for longer hours.

However, the footrest size and arm-rests height show you that this chair is for petite people. The arm-rests are very low, and they’re only supportive when you lean back.

I like the massage function for the low chair price. The eight rotating massage nodes target your neck, back, seat, and calves, and you can adjust the massage time at 15 or 60 minutes.

Although the back nodes travel up and down, the other nodes stay put, but the massage is still strong enough to feel it.


Comfortable back support

Incorporated headrest

Plush seat

It looks good

Good massage



 Low armrests

 Small footrest

 Limited adjustability and massage options

Summary: The BestOffice High-Back Office Chair with massage is the good way to alleviate back pain.


6. MeraxInno Series Executive High Back Napping Chair With Leg Rest – Best For Big and Tall

MeraxInno Series Executive Chair

The MeraxInno Series Executive recliner chair sports some ergonomic features, but it’s not the best on the market.

For instance, its tilt range is 90-125ᵒ and, although Merax claims this high-back chair is perfect for napping, it doesn’t recline fully or at least to 155ᵒ like other chairs in this review.

I like the thick padding though because it’s 5.1” thick and plush. The seat is, therefore, cushiony for long hours writing, and the S-shaped back rest keeps your spine in a correct posture.

This ergonomic chair design with a curved seatback and supportive seat with a waterfall edge reduces the risk of back pain.

Another disadvantage is that you have limited adjustments available. You can only change the seat height and pull the footrest, which is quite narrow, but far enough from the seat to accommodate tall people.

The armrests are curved and padded too, but they don’t adjust, so very tall people might find them uncomfortably low.

I’m ambivalent about this PU leather upholstery. Although it’s soft and water-resistant, I know it can get a bit hot, and I don’t like how glossy it is.

I admit that this PU leather is durable, and together with the metal base, these materials turn the MeraxInno into a resistant reclining desk chair.

Remember why I included this chair in my review: it’s best for big and tall people. The seat-height is easy to adjust from 21 to 25 inches, and the seat and back rest are wide.



Thick padding

Curved design

Padded armrests

Soft and low-maintenance PU upholstery

Resistant metal base

21-25-inch height adjustable

Wide seat and back rest


250 pounds max

125ᵒ max recline

Limited adjustments

Narrow footrest

Summary: With its curved design, wide seat, back, and generous height, the MeraxInno Series Executive Office Chair recliner is one of the best models for tall people.


7. Vanbow High Back Reclining Leather Office Chair With Ottoman

Vanbow Chair

The Vanbow leather office chair is elegant and cozy thanks to a stylish synthetic leather upholstery that also feels soft on your skin.

I included this chair in my review because I suffered from chronic backaches, and I give more credit to chairs like the Vanbow with increased back protection.

The top memory foam padds and waterfall edge take the pain from your bum and hamstrings, while the curved seatback rests your spine in a neutral position.

The Vanbow chair reclines to 120ᵒ to further take the pressure off your back. The thick-padded headrest and lumbar support can reduce backaches because they reduce pressure points on these usually strained areas of your body.

However, some people complain that the back rest feels too firm for them.

Although it’s not a rocker per se, the Vanbow will recline when you push your weight into the seatback, and you can rock a little. There’s also an easy-to-use mechanism to adjust the tilt tension and fix the chair into place.

The Vanbow also sports limited adjustments, apart from height, tilt tension, and recline angle. For instance, while the armrests are flip-up, they’re not even height adjustable.



Good lumbar support

Curved back rest

Padded headrest

Top memory foam padding

Tilt tension adjustment and tilt lock

Flip-up armrests


 250 pounds max weight

 120ᵒ max recline

 Firm lumbar for some people

 Limited adjustments

 Not that durable

Summary: The Vanbow Office chair is elegant and offers an effective lumbar, seat, and neck support.


8. Merax Portland Technical Leather – #1 Heavy Duty Reclining Office Chair

Merax Portland Technical Leather Reclining

The Merax Portland Technical Office Chair has good ergonomics , including:

A slightly curved, tilted back rest that takes the pressure off your back and keeps your spine in a correct position

A support cushion you can fix anywhere on your back, from your neck to your lumbar region

A plush double-padded seat back, seat, footrest, and armrests that don’t constrict your blood circulation

A generous recline to almost fully 180ᵒ, so you can nap comfortably

Keep in mind that this chair boasts limited adjustments. You can only fiddle with the seat height, tilt angle, and footrest. Even so, the chair might not fit your needs if you’re very tall.

The Merax is a good choice if you want a heavy-duty model thanks to its top materials that ensure durability:

Heavy-duty metal base and frame

High-grade PU leather upholstery

Double stitches

Even if it’s a solid chair made with resistant materials, the Merax Portland can only support 242 pounds max.


Highly adjustable support cushion

Soft PU leather

Solid base and frame

Double-padded footrest and seat

Reclines to 170ᵒ


Limited adjustments

Not for the tall and heavy

Summary: The Merax Portland is a good heavy-duty model because it’s made from resistant materials. It will reduce back strain considerably, and it reclines to 170ᵒ.


9. Giantex PU Leather Swivel Recliner Chair With Footstool

Giantex PU Leather Swivel Recliner

The Giantex recliner office chair with footrest is affordable and has features, such as:

Thick, supportive sponge padding for the neck, seat, and back rest that reduces the pressure on your back to alleviate muscle strains

A slightly curved back rest that keeps your spine in an anatomically-correct position

A slightly inclined seat that aligns your hips to your spine to reduce lower back and hip pain

A waterfall edge that doesn’t put pressure on your hamstrings

A 16×17-inch wide and padded footrest that allows you to relax your leg muscles comfortably

Padded armrests that don’t let your shoulders creep up to your ears

The combo recline and rocking to 135ᵒ allow you to use this chair for various tasks, but there’s only one middle lock position at 120ᵒ.



330 pounds max weight

Thick padding


Alleviates backaches and hip pain

Keeps your correct posture



 The sponge padding is not as supportive and durable as memory foam padding

 Limited adjustments

17.5-inch height is lower than other office chairs

Summary: The Giantex Recliner Chair is good, especially for back, hip, and foot pain reduction thanks to its ergonomic design and wide footrest. However, it sports limited adjustments, and it sits lower than most comfortable office chairs. It is a good value office chair


10. KADIRYA High Back Bonded Leather Executive Office Chair With Leg Rest

KADIRYA High Back Bonded Leather

The KADIRYA High-back office chair is elegant and durable, as well as extremely comfortable office chair because it has a leather upholstery.

This chair is a high-back model that gives extra support to your neck and shoulders, particularly if you’re a tall person.

The seat is comfortable for long hours because it’s thickly-padded and has a waterfall edge that supports your thighs.

The armrests are also comfortable for long hours because they’re well padded.

The backrest allows you to tilt back and relax or read a book because it reclines to 120ᵒ, with three tilt-lock positions and tension adjustment for the rocking. Besides, the curved backrest keeps your spine in a correct position and takes the pressure from your back.


 BIFIMA-certified parts


 Comfortable sitting experience


 Curved backrest


 250 pounds max

 120ᵒ max recline

 Limited adjustments

 Not the smoothest recline mechanism


may not be the best desk chair, but it’s stylish and comfortable for long hours sitting.


11. Serta Reclining Office Chair Style Hannah Recliner – Comfortable for Longer Periods

Serta Reclining Office Chair Style Hannah Recliner

The Serta Reclining Hannah Office Chair is comfortable for long periods because it features plush cushions that are comfortable and supportive.

These cushions don’t dig into your back and thighs but are firm enough to help you keep a correct posture instead of sinking into the chair.

The seatback is curved, like most chairs in this review, which also supports your correct posture and lets the chair take all your bodyweight.

The built-in headrest and curved armrests are comfortable for longer periods too because they provide all the support you need to your neck, shoulders and upper body area instead of straining them.

You can adjust the height and recline tension, but that’s about it in terms of adjustments.

The Serta Hannah Recliner is cheap, but stylish because it’s made with leather, but you can also choose the soft microfiber fabric option.


Plush, supportive cushions

Curved back-rest

Supportive headrest and armrests

Adjustable recline




Limited adjustments

Can get a little hot

Some people find the padding too firm after a while

Not very durable

Summary: The Serta Hannah Office Recliner is designed with user comfort in mind. This chair helps you keep a correct posture and alleviates back and hip pain, but it’s not very durable.


5 Reasons Why You Need A Reclining Office Chair

  1. These chairs alleviate backaches and hip pain. Reclining chairs allow you to tilt back and remove the pressure from your spine and seat area.
  2. They are comfortable with various tasks. You can read, use them to play games, or brainstorm new ideas.
  3. Reclining chairs allow you to rest or nap, depending on their incline. Taking a few minutes’ breaks allows you to be more productive.
  4. Reclining chairs are ergonomic. Because they have curved backrests and take the pressure from your back, you can maintain a correct posture and even improve your overall posture when you’re not sitting.
  5. Recliners with footrests are good for improved circulation, joint and knee pain. If you can lift your feet off the ground once in a while you can alleviate chronic pain.

Reclining Desk Chair vs Office Chair

The difference, in a nutshell, is that not all office chairs allow you to tilt back.

Some of the best recliners on the market allow you to stretch almost fully, and most models feature footrests or ottomans to relax your feet and reduce pain.

Recliners have more options when it comes to the tilt. You can adjust the tilt angle, the tension adjustment, and you have a tilt-lock knob. Office chairs may or may not have these adjustments available.

Buying Best Recliner Chair (5 Quick Tips)

  1. Get an ergonomic chair. Look for features that help you keep a good posture, such as curved back-rest and supportive memory foam padds to keep your shoulders, back, and hips aligned.
  2. Check for all possible adjustments. It’s no use buying a reclining chair if you can’t adjust its recline angle and tension or secure it into place. The best recliners also feature highly adjustable armrests, footrests, and backs.
  3. Get a model with no wheels if you want to nap in it. This advice is self-explanatory. You don’t want to fall off your chair, especially if you’re twisting in your sleep.
  4. Get a chair with lumbar support. Recliners take the pressure from your spine and alleviate backaches, but you can’t recline to 180ᵒ all day unless you get a recliner with the monitor. Lumbar support cushions reduce back pain even when you’re sitting upright.
  5. Make sure the chair is comfortable for long periods. Some people prefer firm mesh support, while others want cushiony chairs, so understand what feels comfortable for you first. That said, look for recliners with headrest, footrest, and waterfall seats that reduce muscle strain and improve your circulation.

Bonus: Don’t buy a white reclining office chair because it’s higher maintenance.

What Reclining Office Chairs What to Choose?

Reclining office chairs are all over the place. All you have to do is type reclining+furniture+office+chair into your search engine, and you’ll see a gazillion of models pop into your screen.

Remember to do your research first, and to choose a trustworthy provider, like Ikea, Steelcase, Duramont, or all the other brands I’ve listed in this review.

That’s because not all reclining chairs are created equal, and not all of them sport the same quality. Some websites might have recliners for sale, which will last you for most of 2 seconds.

If you don’t want to get ripped off, Duramont Reclining Office Chair is the best overall choice because it has all the ergonomic bells and whistles.

The Duramont has effective lumbar support, a curved backrest, built-in headrest, plush and supportive seat, and curved, padded armrests. It is reclines to 120ᵒ and 155ᵒ, and you can use it for multiple tasks, such as gaming, computer work, or studying.

Besides, the it comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

Order it now from Amazon, and, if you don’t like it, you can return it, no strings attached.