Best Executive Leather Office Chair Brands in 2020 | (Review & Rating)

Leather office chairs look sleek and imposing, perfect for asserting your position and sitting down comfortably for hours.

I know what you’re thinking. These chairs can be expensive, bulky, and make you sweaty. Or, if you choose a low-quality chair, you’re stuck with a screeching, peeling nuisance.

Only if you choose wrongly.

Take a look at the products below and thank me later.

These eight quality chairs are supportive, comfy, and adaptable. Some of them are more expensive, but I’ve also included some value-for-money models.

Best Leather Office Chair Models (Updated for 2020)

1. Herman Miller Embody Chair – #1 Most Comfortable Executive Office Chair

Embody Chair

The Embody is marketed as an intelligent chair that enhances your creativity and productivity. The design wants to create harmony between your body and the devices you’re using, so the chair moves with you while you change positions.

The Embody is the contribution of over twenty researchers and medical practitioners in fields like ergonomics, vision, biomechanics, and PT. The result is a design that supports natural spine alignment for a correct posture.

The Embody is famous thanks to its pixelated support that encourages micro-movements and distributes your weight evenly on the chair.

Your spine doesn’t support the full pressure of your body weight, which is transferred to the Embody. As such, you can focus better because you won’t feel any back pain.

Embody ModelThe Backfit adjustment is another plus because the Embody’s seatback mimics your anatomical design, with a spine in the middle and flexible ribs on the sides.

This design promotes a correct posture because it allows the chair to adjust instantly to all your positions, supporting you constantly.

The seat features four layers of support that mold to your body shape very thoroughly.

They can even accommodate the shape of your pockets for optimal comfort, and breathability.

The Embody’s arms are supportive and adjustable, albeit a little firm. You can adjust their height according to your own height, as well as their width for different tasks: inward is best for writing and out for using the mouse. You can also adjust the seat depth and height and the tilt.


 Sturdy thanks to a graphite frame and base



 Accommodates micro-movements

Best Ergonomic Office Chair

 Decreases back pain


 12-year warranty

 Fully assembled

 Wide seat

 High back

 Eco-friendly materials

 300 pounds max weight


 The armrests are firm

 The armrests don’t pivot and don’t have a depth adjustment

 The Pixelated seat support is firm

No lumbar adjustements


Summary: The Embody is the epitome of ergonomic desk chair because its design adapts to your shape and to your micro-movements and it is most comfortable computer chair available


2. Steelcase Gesture Leather Chair – Best Genuine Leather Model

Steelcase Gesture

Yes, you can add leather option. Steelcase Gesture is the best office chair if you need to use various devices and technologies because it’s more adaptable than the Embody.

Although the Embody can accommodate your shape better thanks to its Backfit adjustment and is better for back pain, Steelcase Gesture offers more real-time adjustments for people who change between positions and devices.

Gesture DesignFor instance, the Gesture’s armrests move together with your arms in terms of depth, width, height, and angle.

The backrest and seat also move together when you recline, and this is useful because your computer will always be in the center of your eyes, regardless of how you move.

The seat features a flexible perimeter, which also accommodates positions galore.

That said, the Gesture is comfy and supportive. The seatback is curved, so it follows your anatomical spine shape, the seat’s foam is firm but ergonomic, and the optional lumbar support is easy to adjust and decreases back pain.


 Ships fully assembled

 Easy to recline

 Adjusts to all your positions

 Flexible backrest

 Highly adjustable armrests and seat

 400 pounds weight limit

 Best chair for kitchen desk

 Lifetime warranty for the frame, 10-year warranty for seating mechanisms, 5-year warranty for the leather



The seat foam is firm for sitting  longer time periods

 Difficult to maintain a strictly upright position

Summary: The Steelcase Gesture Leather  model is a quality office chair that offers dynamic and flexible support to accommodate various devices you might be using. It is one of the best office chairs for bad back!


3. Songmics Eco-Friendly PU Executive Chair – Best Big and Tall Leather Office Chair

Songmics Chair

The Songmics is the best option for big and tall people because you can adjust the seat height from 16.5 to 19.63 inches, the seatback is 22.8 inches, and the seat is 18.9 x 20.5 inches.

This chair has other advantages, though. It looks stylish thanks to its PU brown leather that’s also eco-friendly and smooth.

Songmics Design

The seat is comfy because its 6.25-inch cushion features inner springs that give it the right amount of bounce.

Besides, the seat has a waterfall edge design that doesn’t dig into your thighs.

The backrest, armrests, and headrest are cozy and supportive because they’re made with thickening high-density memory foam that feels like sitting on a sofa.

All these parts are contoured to fit your anatomical body shape, which promotes a correct posture.

The Songmics chair features some ergonomic adjustments, like seat height, swivel, 110ᵒ tilt, and rocking motion, plus foldable armrests. However, it’s not as adjustable as the Gesture or the Embody.

All these chair’s parts are BIFIMA-certified and resistant, backed by a 30-month warranty. The result is that the chair can hold people up to 330 pounds.



 Wide and tall


 Thick and supportive cushions


 Some ergonomic adjustments

 330 pounds weight limit

 BIFIMA-certified parts


 Not as adjustable as other models

 No tilt lock

 No tension adjustment

No lumbar backing

Summary: The Songmics chair is a wide and tall, supportive and thick seat office chair, but with a limited range of adjustments.


4. Gates Leather Swivel Office Executive Chair

Gates Leather

The first thing you notice when looking at the Gates Leather Executive Chair is how stylish it looks. This chair sports real leather on the seat and armrests, and the Brazilian Leather material used is one of the highest-quality leathers on the market.

You can choose various colors, from black, brown, and grey to a white and cream, or a more vibrant orange to make sure the Gates Chair fits with your office or living room décor.

Gates Design

The Gates is comfortable and supportive because it features high-density foam for the seat and because its backrest is curved and has an enveloping racecar design.

These features allow maximum support and comfort for extended periods because the Gates chair keeps your spine in alignment with your shoulders and hips so that you can maintain a good posture.

The incorporated headrest feels comfortable and supportive, too, especially for taller people, and the armrests are curved and generously padded to promote good blood circulation and to prevent muscle strain.

The waterfall edge design has the same purpose because it doesn’t constrict circulation into your thighs.

There are limited adjustments to the Gates Leather model apart from seat height and swivel, but the synchro-tilt mechanism is definitely a plus because the seatback reclines together with your seat.

The result is being able to keep a correct posture regardless of your position.



 Real, breathable and supple Brazilian leather

Various color options for home or regular office setup

Supportive memory-foam seat

 Curved backrest for long hours

 It promotes a good posture and optimal blood circulation

 It’s enveloping and comfy



 Limited adjustments

 Doesn’t dynamically adapt to your movements

 Not for marathon writing

 Not for petite users

 Too tall for a regular desk

Summary: The Gates Leather Executive Chair is very elegant. This chair is the best computer chair for long hours because it’s comfortable and supportive, but it sports limited adjustments, and it’s not for petite users.


5. La-Z-Boy Bonded Leather  Desk Chair

LA-Z-Boy Delano

The La-Z-Boy Delano is another good seat for the tall and heavy because its weight limit is 400 pounds, it’s tall and wide.

The seat height is adjustable between 22 and 25 inches, with an area of 21 x 21.5 inches, while the seatback is 27 x 27.5 inches.

The La-Z-Boy Delano is comfortable for long hours at the desk, thanks to its Comfort Core Plus memory foam.

La-Z Boy Delano DesignThe memory-foam offers the right amount of cushion and zonal support because it comprises five layers manufactured from different materials.

These materials have different densities, so together, they mold to your shape and support your body.

The result is that La-Z-Boy Delano helps you keep the right posture even if you’re sitting down for long periods.

The chair features other ergonomic characteristics, like the curved seatback and armrests, which keep your body parts in proper alignment to reduce the risk of muscle soreness and back pain.

The waterfall edge seat is also comfortable for long periods because it doesn’t dig into your hamstrings.

The La-Z-Boy Delano comes with incorporated headrest and lumbar cushion for the best support in these areas.

This chair looks stylish thanks to its brown bonded leather upholstery and wood finish in the base and arm area.



 Wide and tall

 Good zonal seat support

 Cushiony seatback

 Built-in headrest

 Lumbar cushion




 Few adjustments available

 It can get too hot

 Cannot feet under a regular desk

 The wheel casters roll with a difficulty

Summary: The La-Z-Boy Delano is a comfortable and supportive chair that offers zonal support and a cushiony sitting experience, but it’s not breathable and offers few adjustments.


6. Yamasoro Executive Chair – Good Budget Model (Under 200$)

Yamasoro Chairs

The Yamasoro Executive Chair proves that you don’t have to compromise quality if your budget is limited because it’s supportive, comfortable, and sports all the basic ergonomic features you need.

 The built-in headrest is thick and supportive, so you don’t strain your neck and shoulders.

 The armrests are 1.2-inch thick and curved, so they don’t dig into your arms. Besides, they are height adjustable to accommodate various postures and user heights.

 The backrest features an S-shape design, meaning it mimics your natural spine curvature to take the pressure of your body weight away from your spine. This design eliminates backaches and helps you maintain the correct posture.

 The backrest features a built-in lumbar cushion that is very supportive of people who already have back pain.

 The backrest tilts to 110ᵒ according to your body weight, so you can rock in this chair and rest or simply take the pressure off your back. If you don’t like rocking, there’s tension adjustment and a tilt lock to secure the chair into position.

 The seat is comfortable and cushiony thanks to its 3.94-thick foam. The waterfall edge promotes good circulation and decreases fatigue in your leg muscles so you can sit down for hours.


 Smooth and resistant PU leather

 Thick and supportive

 For lower back pain

 Helps you keep a correct posture

 110ᵒ recline with tilt lock and tension adjustment


 30-day money-back warranty


 Short, 1-year warranty

 Limited adjustments

 The seat cushion compresses quickly

 Not for tall people

Summary: The Yamasoro Executive chair is a good value-for-money product because it’s cushiony, supportive, and elegant.


7. Ficmax Ergonomic Office Chair

Ficmax Chair

The Ficmax Ergonomic Chair is another good choice because it gives support to all the right places.

The included headrest, lumbar support cushion, and footrest are easy to adjust to get rid of any aches, soreness, and strain in your neck, shoulders, lower back, and feet.

These features improve blood circulation and take the pressure off your problem areas so you can increase your productivity.

Ficmax ChairThe Ficmax Office chair is supportive and ergonomic for long hours.

The backrest has a racecar design that envelops your body and adjusts to your movements, while its curved design follows the natural spine curvature to promote a correct posture.

The seat is cushiony because it features a 4.9-inch thick memory foam padding. This padding is supportive as well as comfortable because foam adjusts to your body shape and weight.

The armrests are only height-adjustable, but that can be enough to accommodate various user sizes and to take the pressure off your shoulders and neck.

Although the armrests aren’t thickly padded, they’re curved to promote good blood circulation.

Two features make the Ficmax chair unique: the lumbar support vibrates for an effective lower back massage, and the backrest reclines to 180ᵒ, with two additional tilt lock positions at 120ᵒ and 150ᵒ.

This chair is resistant because it’s manufactured with top materials. The base and frame are heavy-duty steel, the upholstery is PU leather, and the padding is high-density foam.


 30-day money-back guarantee

 Top materials

 Adjustable headrest

 Adjustable lumbar cushion with massage

 Retractable footrest

 Curved backrest

 Thick and wide seat

 180ᵒ max recline


 Short 1-year warranty

 Limited adjustments

 No setup instructions

 The headrest is not great for tall people

 The massage is not perfect

Summary: The Ficmax Ergonomic Office Chair offers a good lumbar massage and reclines to 180ᵒ. This reclining office chair is modern, comfortable for long hours, and supportive.


8. AmazonBasics High Back Executive Office Chair

AmazonBasics Chair

The AmazonBasics High-Back Chair is cheap, but stylish thanks to its bonded-black leather and PVC upholstery.

The headrest is supportive for tall people, especially, and the armrests are curved and padded, so they don’t hurt your elbows and don’t restrict blood circulation.

Together, the armrests and headrest take the pressure from your neck and shoulders so you can avoid muscle strains in these areas.

AmazonBasics Chairs

The backrest is comfortably padded too, but it’s also curved to follow your natural spine curvature and make sure your spine stays relaxed the whole time you’re sitting down.

The seat is padded, but it doesn’t have a thick cushion. However, it’s supportive and keeps your hips aligned to your spine so you can keep the right posture.

The waterfall edge is another advantage because it allows you to sit in the Amazon Basics chair for hours.

I like the butterfly seat and curved contours because they envelop your body so you can feel comfy for prolonged hours.

However, this Amazon Basics model features no adjustments except for seat height and tilt tension. The chair doesn’t recline, but it rocks a bit if you set the tilt tension to “loose”.


 275 pounds max


 Supportive headrest

 Padded armrests

 Curved and contoured backrest

 Padded butterfly sit

 Comfortable for long hours

 Rocking chair


 No tilt

 Almost no adjustments

 It starts squeaking after a year

 The leather isn’t durable for years

Summary: The Amazon Basics High-Back Chair is a good, stylish choice if you want a comfortable chair with a resistant and supportive padding, and don’t mind the limited adjustments, the lack of leather durability and the potential squeaking sounds.


What Is The Difference Between PU, Bonded, and Genuine Leather?

PU leather has a polyurethane coating that makes it look similar to aged genuine leather. PU has a layer of real leather under the PU coating, but this layer is thin. Soft leather chairs usually are made with PU. Although it’s smooth, easy to clean, and affordable, it’s not as durable as genuine.

Bonded leather uses grounded pieces that are stuck to a paperback, while PU has a layer of unground leather. This layer is topped with a PU coating that’s embossed to make it look like real leather. Bonded is cooler and low-maintenance, but also not as durable as genuine leather.

Genuine leather is 100% cowhide, but with the top layers stripped off. Genuine isn’t full grain leather. Some brands dye it, while some don’t. Genuine leather is the most resistant, but also the most expensive. Genuine gets pretty hot, and it’s not as smooth as PU or bonded.

Features to Look for when Shopping For Leather Executive Chair?

The first thing you need to look for is the type of leather that’s being used and find answers to these questions:

  • How supportive is this leather?
  • How breathable is it?
  • How comfortable and supple is it?
  • How elegant is it?
  • How resistant against tears and stains is it?
  • How easy is it to clean?

Next, look for features you’d want in any office chair you might buy:

Leather Chairs

Comfort, whether that means plush padding or firm memory foam

Size-appropriate in terms of your body size and weight. Make sure the armrests aren’t too low or high, and that the chair can fit under your desk.

Support, meaning a contoured chair that allows you to maintain a natural, relaxed posture

Durability, aka grade materials, like fiber or metal frame or at least heavy-duty plastic, plus memory foam padding that lasts longer than sponge padding

Extra features you really need, such as headrest or lumbar support to minimize aches and soreness to these areas, a massage function, or full recline

Adjustability features that you care about. If you’re always changing positions, you need highly adjustable armrests and Synchro-tilt. If you have backaches, you want a chair with different degrees of recline. If more people are using your chair, you need seat depth, height, and back height options.

What is an Executive Leather Chair (Types)

An executive leather home office chair offers good back and head support for prolonged hours sitting, and it’s made with genuine or faux leather.

Leather ChairsThere are different types of executive chairs because people understand comfort for longer hours differently.

While some people need ergonomic features and firm support, others prefer cushiony chairs.

Executive chairs have different designs because they cater to different purposes.

Some executives are constantly on the phone or read, which is why they need plush chairs that recline but don’t care about adjustability.

Other executives always change devices and postures, so they need supportive chairs that move when they move.

It’s essential to choose the executive chair that fits your purpose, and that’s what I tried to do with this article. The models below are the best I could find, and I’ve discussed all their features in terms of their benefits for you.

Task Chair vs Executive Chair

Task chairs are functional and versatile. Here are the differences between a task chair and an executive chair:

  • Task chairs are low-backed or mid-backed
  • Task chairs might not have armrests
  • Task chairs don’t have headrests
  • Task chairs are easy to fit under regular desks
  • Task chairs are portable and smaller

Customer Consumer Reports & Reviews

Although it’s not a leather model, even Reddit agrees that the Embody is one of the best chairs you can get for long hours if you need good support.

Reddit users offer other advice and share their experiences with leather chairs.

Some people admit that leather chairs get your knees, neck, and lower back extremely hot, especially if they’re not quality leather.

After trying different leather desk chair models, they understand why you need to invest a little more in getting a breathable chair that makes you feel more comfortable and increases your productivity.

Other people notice that you need good research before buying a good leather model.

Low-quality chairs under 100 peel off within two years, and their padding compresses too much to provide any support at all.

These chairs may be comfortable for occasional use, but they’re not rugged enough for constant wear and tear.

These people appreciate brands like Steelcase and Herman Miller.

Embody Chair Models

It’s important to note that some users prefer mesh chairs to leather because the mesh is more breathable, but you can also invest more and buy a breathable chair.

Speaking of an increased budget, some people who are tired of cheap bonded leather are willing to spend more money and get a custom-made chair for their needs.

Personally, I think that’s a bit of a stretch. All you need to do is research your options and order a good chair such as the ones I’ve reviewed already. These chairs are comfy, supple, feature-packed, and most of them are resistant for decades.

Final Conclusion. Who Makes the Best Leather Home Office Chair?

All these models are good for various purposes, and, as I’ve said in the beginning, it’s wise to choose your desk chair according to your needs.

The Steelcase Gesture is the best chair if you’re constantly moving or changing devices, and you need constant support.

The Songmics and La-Z-Boy Delano are supportive office chairs for the big & tall people, although Songmics sports limited adjustments, while Gates is good for longer periods sitting down.

The Ficmax is a good model if you’re interested in a chair that massages your lower back and reclines fully so you can take the pressure off your back. People with lower back pain are particularly interested in this model.

I’ve also presented some affordable models that don’t force you to compromise comfort, although these chairs are not as resistant as those endorsed by a lifetime warranty.

You can get all these chairs from Amazon or their official websites.

That said, I think that the Embody is the best choice because its features are the most versatile and accommodating for typical people.

The Embody is sturdy and reliable. The breathable fabric and pixelated support are elastic and supportive, so the Embody follows your micro-movements. The Backfit adjustment with flexible ribs and spine decreases back pain and promotes a correct posture.

Although other chairs offer more adjustments than the Embody, the ones it does have are enough for most people.

Similarly, if you’re over 300 pounds and in need of a chair that moves when you move, you might opt for Steelcase Gesture.

However, the Embody is the best computer chair for long hours because it contours to your body shape – even your pockets.

Now it’s time to make your decision. Order the chair that fits your needs now to avoid unnecessary backaches and to increase your productivity.