Best Ergonomic Office Chair Under $300 | (2019 Review) | Top Models!

I have a Herman Miller ergonomic chair at home and one at my office. But I understand the need to get office chairs under $300, either for yourself, the conference room, or your staff.

The problem is that some affordable chairs are low-quality.

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If you want to avoid being scammed, duped, or lose more money in the long-term because you’re constantly buying new “cheap” chairs, read the article below.

Together with my team, I’ve tested all the chairs below, and I’ve discussed things with my physical therapist because I have chronic back pain.

The point is that budget office chairs need to have basic quality functions and quality design, although you can overlook some extra features.

I’ve also selected nine office chairs for nine different purposes. Don’t let the marketing glam influence you and read this article.

P.S. Don’t skip the conclusion for pro tips and the best choice.

Best Office Chair Under $300 (Updated List)

1. HON Ignition 2.0 Ergonomic Office Chair – #1 Editor’s Choice

HON is a reputable brand in the world of office furniture, and it’s important to note that all their products are designed and made in the USA. As such, you can rest assured of the HON Ignition 2.0’s quality.

Design-wise, the Ignition 2.0 looks very similar to the Steelcase Gesture, but at a fraction of its price. Although there are limited color options – just fog and black for the backrest – you can notice many functional advantages.

HON IgnitionA unique option up until now is the synchro-tilt mechanism, which allows you to recline your seat along with your backrest. This feature makes it possible to keep a correct posture and be supported in all positions, which has visible effects on your back health.

Speaking of back health, the adjustable lumbar support helps reduce backaches, but some users would have preferred a wider cushion.

Unlike the two previous models, the Ignition 2.0 isn’t a high-back office chair, which means limited support to your upper body.

However, you get plenty of support to your lower back. The seat glide mechanism allows you to adjust the seat depth for optimal lumbar and hamstring support, keeping your hips in alignment with your spine to reduce back pain.

The backrest is breathable mesh and S-shaped to contour your spine and reduce muscle tension, but some complain about feeling the plastic frame through the mesh.

Most reviewers appreciate the well-padded seat that is the right mix of bouncy comfort and support. The armrests are ergonomic because they’re easy to adjust in height and width, but a curved design would have been better.

Similar to the Steelcase Gesture

Synchro-tilt mechanism

Adjustable lumbar support

Seat glide

Mesh backrest is breathable and S-shaped

Well-padded seat

The armrests are ergonomic

300 pounds weight capacity limit

 The armrests aren’t curved

Some customers complain about feeling the plastic frame through the seatback

 Short lumbar cushion

Not for someone who need upper body support

Summary: The HON Ignition 2.0 Ergonomic Chair looks and feels almost like the Steelcase Gesture, at a fraction of the cost.


2. SIEGES Ergonomic Mesh Office Task Chair

The SIEGES Office Chair’s design takes into account your correct anatomical posture and wants to maintain all your body parts in good alignment so that you won’t suffer from back or joint pain.

As such, this chair features an fully adjustable headrest that supports your neck while you’re working and takes the pressure off your shoulders when combined with the armrests.

SIEGES Ergonomic Mesh Office Task ChairThe backrest has an S-shape curve that follows the natural shape of your spine, meaning your back will remain in a relaxed position, with no stress on your vertebrae.

The good seatback contour is enhanced by the built-in back support, which alleviates any back pain or decreases the risk thereof.  

The chair is entirely made with mesh, but luckily it’s a quality, flexible type of mesh that supports and contours your body. Thanks to its waterfall edge, the seat proves quite comfortable on your hamstrings, not digging into them like other chairs.

The armrests with ergonomic design, they’re easy to adjust up and down and in and out to support your body shape and changing positions.

The chair reclines to 135ᵒ, with a couple of tilt-lock positions in between, which help you find the right tilt for different activities.

I also like the smooth dual-wheel casters and the modern appearance of the SIEGES Ergonomic Chair.


 Keeps your spine in proper alignment



 3D armrests

 Contoured backrest for lower back pain

 Wide, flexible seat


 Reclines to 135ᵒ


 Not for tall people

 Limited adjustments compared to more expensive chairs

 Some people find the mesh seat too firm

 Some people have had issues with the pneumatic mechanism

Summary: The SIEGES Ergonomic Mesh Office Task Chair has numerous positive reviews because it’s functional, ergonomic, and comfortable.


3. Flash Furniture Hercules Series Chair – Best For Big And Tall

My runner up is a Gargantuan chair under 400. The Flash Furniture Hercules Series chair accommodates people up to 500 pounds, which speaks volumes regarding the quality and resistance of materials and craftsmanship involved. However, double stitches would have spoken louder.

This chair might not be as breathable and airy as the Sieges Ergonomic Mesh Chair, but it’s more cushiony and comfortable for long periods.

Hercules Flash Furniture

Speaking of comfort, the cushiony design of the Hercules Series Chair is well complemented by the tilt lock mechanism. Every time you want to unwind or relax, you can recline the chair and secure it into position.

You can also notice some ergonomic features, such as the incorporated back cushion that decreases back pain, improves your posture, and alleviates symptoms of compressed discs.

The incorporated headrest is plush and comfortable, too, particularly when you lean back. In an upright position, the headrest supports your neck muscles and prevents cramps.

The armrests are comfy because they’re rounded and plush, but they’re not exactly ergonomic, considering they have no adjustments and can’t support your arms when you’re changing devices.

The seat has plush 4-inch padding, which I like because it’s cushiony and flexible at the same time. Your hips won’t sink uncomfortably into the pillow, so you can keep them in alignment with your spine to reduce any pains and soreness.


 Leather or fabric

 Plush and cozy


 Comfortable armrests

 Promotes a good posture

 500 pounds max weight

Very few adjustments available

Not particularly breathable

No double stitches

The headrest is too far back

Heavy people might be disappointed in the padding

Summary: The Flash Furniture Hercules Series Chair is plush and comfortable, but it’s a warm chair with limited adjustments.


4. Lorell Executive High-Back Office Chair

The Lorell Executive High-Back Office Chair is in the under 250 category, and I like its modern, casual design perfect for your home office or your office-office.

The first thing you notice is that the Lorell Chair has a mesh, breathable backrest. The backrest is curved to follow the natural shape of your spine and keep you in a relaxed position, with optimal support at the same time.

Lorell Executive ChairThe lumbar support isn’t fully adjustable, but you can see that Lorell has a unique design that imitates your back configuration, with a central spine and side ribs.

Although other more expensive models do a better job of this design, the Lorell Executive Chair aims to offer you dynamic support.

The seat is padded, which most people prefer over mesh seats that let you feel the frame through them, but, unfortunately, this padding is very firm and can get uncomfortable after a few hours.

The range of ergonomic adjustments is impressive for the price range.

Seat height adjustment is between 17 and 21 inches, the armrests are height and width adjustable for a variety of positions and devices, but the biggest bonus is the infinite tilt-lock adjustments for tilting back and forward.

The forward tilt is especially impressive because it’s a feature of expensive chairs. Tilting forward is good for marathon writing when you usually have to crouch over the keyboard because the backrest doesn’t move with you.

The asynchronous tilt mechanism is easy to use with just three levers that are easy to reach.

Breathable backrest

An optimal lower back support

The seat is padded

Big range of ergonomic adjustments

Forward tilt

Resistant for years

Budget deal


Firm seat padding

Non-adjustable back support

You might feel the frame through the mesh backrest

Not great for extended periods

Summary: The Lorell Executive High-Back Office Chair is a good option for people who change various devices and write a lot.


5. DXRacer Racing Series Bucket Seat Office Chair – Best for Gaming

This DXRacer Office Chair is the best for gaming thanks to its patented racecar design that allows you to sit down for hours, the slight back recline for when you’re clicking your way to victory, and the bucket seat that cradles your hamstrings for prolonged periods.

DxRacer Chair

The head rest and lumbar cushions are also supportive for prolonged gaming sessions.

When you’re gaming, the adrenaline makes your muscles tense up involuntarily. It’s good to have something to lean your body against to reduce your increased risk of muscle and joint pain.

I like the DXRacer because it looks modern thanks to its PU upholstery, which is also smooth and breathable. If you’re gaming for hours, the last thing you want is a chair that makes you sweat.

Tall people and gamers appreciate the DXRacer Racing Series Office Chair’s extra-high backrest because it gives you increased upper body support for the long term.

Both the backrest and seat are flexible, supportive, and contouring to help you keep a correct posture and make sure your body weight is supported by the chair, and not by your thighs or back.

The armrests are ergonomic, too, because they’re easy to adjust in different positions to move freely. However, they’re difficult to secure into place.

Patented racecar design

Slight back recline

Wide, comfy bucket seat

Supportive lumbar

Smooth and breathable

Extra-high backrest

It reclines to 135ᵒ with tilt lock

Wobbly armrests

Summary: The DXRacer Office Chair seems especially designed for gamers because it’s comfortable for prolonged periods.


6. Serta Executive Office Chair

This chair is specially designed for people looking for a cushiony experience because it features thick and ergonomic layered pillows. These pillows are well stitched with double stitches.

Serta Mid Back

The Serta Executive Chair offers good back support from your neck down.

The head rest is plush and firm at the same time, helping you avoid neck pain. It also helps that the Serta has high-back design, with a 25.75-inch-tall seatback.

The extra-gathered center zones on the backrest keep your spine in a relaxed, neutral position that corrects posture and alleviates back pain.

These center zones work well with the contoured lumbar that makes sure your spine doesn’t take your bodyweight.

The armrests are padded and comfortable, but they don’t feature any adjustments.

The only adjustments you can make regard the seat height, tilt tension, and lock.

The Serta Executive Chair is resistant and durable according to BIFIMA standards.



Plush and firm head-rest

 Maintains correct posture

 Contoured lumbar

 Padded and comfy armrests

 Wide seat


 Not for heavy people over 250 pounds

 Firm seat

 The leather rips after some time

Summary: The Serta Executive Office Chair is a bang for your dollars because it’s a plush and stylish executive chair in the affordable category.


7. Topsky Mesh Chair – Best Lumbar Support Office Chair

The TOPSKY Mesh Chair is a good alternative for people who suffer from back pain and want good lumbar support.

This chair features adjustable lumbar support that alleviates your back pain because it keeps your spine in a natural, slightly curved position.

Topsky Mesh

The lumbar cushion isn’t the only feature that supports your lower back.

The adjustable lumbar works together with the adjustable head rest to take the pressure off your neck, shoulders, and mid-back.

The armrests contribute too because if the chair supports your arms when you’re writing, you won’t need to bend uncomfortably over the keyboard.

The 145° synchronous tilt mechanism is good because (1) it allows you to tilt to a comfortable degree to take the pressure off your spine and (2) the seatback and seat move synchronously so your spine and hips are aligned even when you recline.

The TOPSKY Chair has other features, such as tilt lock for safe napping, sweat-proof and flexible high-density mesh, and the 330 max weight limit.


 Adjustable lumbar

 Adjustable headrest

 Supportive armrests

 Comfortable seat and back synchronized tilt plus tilt lock

High-density flexible material


 330 pounds max


Not for 24/7 use

Few adjustments

Summary: The TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair features the best lumbar support because the features that create it (lumbar and head cushion, plus recline) are well-designed and easy to adjust.


8. Viva Office High Back Mesh Executive Office Chair – Best Mesh Office Chair Under $300

This High-Back Executive Chair by Viva Office sports some ergonomic features that allow you to sit for hours.

The most remarkable feature is the multi-curvature backrest that keeps your spine in a neutral position because it follows your body’s natural curves.

Viva ChairThat way, you can maintain the correct posture easily and avoid back pain. If you already have back pain, the built-in lumbar support will alleviate it.

The headrest is height adjustable to protect your head and cervical spine and further reduce any upper body pain.

The armrests are wide and height-adjustable, too, so you can find a good position regardless of how tall you are or what devices you’re using. However, these armrests are flat, not padded, and don’t offer other adjustments.

The chair tilts, but the max tilt is just 118ᵒ. Luckily, this tilt is has a secure lock and comes with a synchronous mechanism that moves the seat together with the backrest, so you’re supported in multiple positions.

The backrest and headrest are mesh, which is a breathable and flexible material, but the seat is padded. Although some users find padded seats more comfortable than mesh seats, this one is fairly firm for some.


Multi-curvature backrest

Built-in lumbar support

] You can adjust the heightof the  headrest

Armrests are wide and height adjustable

Synchronous tilt mechanism

The seat is padded


 Few adjustments

 Flat, non-padded armrests

 Max 118-degree tilt

 Max 250 weight

 Firm seat for some

Summary: This mesh office chair is good for prolonged periods it’s breathability and also this chair may prevent back pain, and offers dynamic support.


9. La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Bonded Leather Chair

The La-Z-Boy Delano is a supportive, comfy chair for back pain.

LA-Z-Boy Delano ChairUnlike other leather office chairs, the Delano Big and Tall is breathable (although not as breathable as mesh) because it’s manufactured with bonded leather, which also looks particularly stylish.

The chestnut color upholstery blends well with the walnut-wood parts, giving this chair a very executive look.

This bonded leather material is also smooth, so you’ll find the Delano Big and Tall comfortable for hours.

The Comfort Core Plus technology wins the Delano points in terms of support because the memory foam layers made with different materials offer good zonal support and cushioning in all the right places.

The tall and heavy will appreciate Delano’s generous padding, wide seat, and 400 pounds weight limit. However, the chair sports no adjustments apart from recline and seat height.






Adjustable height


400 pounds limit

Few adjustments

Summary: The La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair is an elegant, comfortable, and supportive executive chair. You can check price below.


Features to Consider When Shopping for a Best Office Chair Under 300$

Comfort & Material. The materials influence how comfortable your chair is. Even if your budget is limited, it’s better to choose a chair with fewer bells and whistles rather than one that’s low-quality.

For instance, the mesh is breathable and flexible, but you need a quality mesh, or else it will scratch your skin and lose shape.

Seat and backrest padding can be cushiony and supportive, provided they’re made with a high-density foam instead of a cheap sponge.

Support. A supportive chair is one that follows your natural curves as closely as possible for optimal weight distribution and improved blood circulation.

At the very least, you need an S-shape backrest that follows your natural spine curvature and adjustable armrests that help you change positions easily without damaging your posture.

A supportive seat can be made with mesh or memory foam, but its main purpose is to keep your hips and spine aligned to reduce lower-back pain. If you already have back pain or need to sit for long hours, look into office chairs with headrests and lumbar cushions.

Office Chairs

Design. Design-wise, you need an ergonomic chair that meets all the requirements above, like the Pneumatic Mesh Task Chair 13243 US.

Most ergonomic chairs under $300 allow at least a slight recline, but the bigger, the better, especially if your chair boasts infinite tilt-lock positions. If you want a chair that offers dynamic support, look for one with plenty of adjustments, so it moves when you move.

Sturdiness. You can’t expect an affordable chair to last for decades, but at the very least it needs to have at least a couple of years’ worth of warranty.

As a general rule, metal bases and frames are more resistant than plastic, and quality mesh fabric is more resistant than bonded or PU leather.

Where to Buy Best 9 Best Office Chairs Under 300$

The best place to find these chairs is on their official websites because you can get extended warranties, good shipping, and return options, plus some occasional coupons for discounts.


You can also check trustworthy websites like Homdox or Walmart. My favorite place to get chairs is Amazon due to it’s return policy (and low prices as well) ; Generally product arrives quickly and undamaged, plus most have free shipping options in the US.

Make sure to check that the warranty for the chair you get is still valid even if you get it on Amazon, and stay away from shady retailers that offer too-good-to-be-true bargains.

Final Verdict on Best Office Chairs Under 300$

Each of the chairs above meets a different purpose because it caters to different needs.

If you need a cozy chair that promotes a good posture, get the Flash Furniture Hercules Series Chair.

If you want an affordable chair with the same basic features as the Steelcase Gesture, get the HON Ignition 2.0 Ergonomic Chair.

If you change devices and write a lot, get the Lorell Executive High-Back Office Chair with its wide range of adjustments, including a forward tilt.

If you’re a gamer, the DXRacer Office Chair reclines, is breathable, and comfy for long hours.

If you want a plush and stylish office chair, choose Serta Executive Office Chair.

If you want a plush and stylish chair in the Big and Tall category, La-Z-Boy Delano is a good bet.

If you’re after good support with plenty of adjustments, you need the TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair.

If you want to sit down for prolonged periods, you need the Viva Office High-Back Mash Office Chair because it’s breathable, alleviates backaches, and boasts dynamic support.

My top choice of all these models is the SIEGES Ergonomic Mesh Office Task Chair. It’s what I bought for my team at my first office because it’s such an affordable choice, packed with ergonomic features.

This chair keeps your spine in proper alignment and has 3D highly-adjustable armrests, plus a contoured backrest for lower back pain. The seat is wide and flexible, the backrest reclines to 135ᵒ, and the upholstery is breathable.

SIEGES Ergonomic Office Chair meets all my conditions for comfort, support, design, and durability. Invest in a chair that keeps you supported for hours and buy this chair below.